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Wicked King Wicker : "flydust"

If I wanted to be brief I would have summarised this LP in just one sentence: "A continuation of the path from the predecessor, but with a stronger tendency towards unstructured noise." This statement would indeed have been both true and accurate in its generalization, but it would lack the details and I find that the details is what sets a noise band apart from others of its kind. After all the most common kind of noise is based on static, or white noise if you like. And white noise is 'flat' in the sense that it isn't able to alter it sound from one note to another, its just an intense chaos of sound so rich in frequencies that it appears as one continous noise to a listener. Because white noise is unalterable in itself its is only possible to notably separate one white noise track from another in by adding details. Inevitably, it was because of what details they used that made Wicked King Wicker's debut so good.

However, the increase in non-structure has dulled the music of '"flydust"'. In particular the second track has suffered from this: 'For You All Have Diminished In My Eyes' sounds like a waterfall or a TV with 'snow' on it, just barely touched with a background of what sounds to me like a completely random use of bass notes. Here it is my opinion that the minimalism has merely dulled the track instead of adding to it. 'Flydust', on the other hand, has at least a structure to the background. This track sounds like noise with a dragged out doom/sludge addon, making it sound similar to Corrupted's two tracks with the noise artist Solmania (from their splits with Meat Slave and Sloth). To me this is both the best part of the track as well as its curse. It's the best part because, for one, I really like doom metal (no surprise there). Secondly, the track is longer than the Corrupted-Solmania collaborations, and indeed it is usually Corrupted's longest tracks that are my favourites. The curse is of course that this does make the track feel supersfluous. Indeed, tracks of that kind are not ideal for human ears and are therefore hard to make unique, in turn meaning that our human limitations make it really hard to create a track that doesn't feel excessive now that one already exists. Though, there is one final good side. The Corrupted splits were all limited editions of which there collectively exists only 300 copies. At least '"flydust"' was released in 490.

While the track 'Flydust' should appeal to fans of noisy doom/sludge or doom/drone (say Methadrone or Planet AIDS), I still expect this release to be of more interest to fans of purer noise. I would claim that the predecessor still stands as the LP which is of most interest to doomsters.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Flydust
2. For You All Have Diminished In My Eyes

Duration : Approx. 36 minutes.

Visit the Wicked King Wicker bandpage.

Reviewed on 02-04-2010 by Arnstein Petersen
Thermal Mass
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