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Raw and extremely heavy doom/sludge with clear crust influences in the form of an occational rock-like rhythm. The band was originally called Khang, but ...
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Abdullah : Graveyard Poetry

I discovered Abdullah through a compilation CD. The first track I heard from them was "'The Black Ones'. I could hardly believe my ears. Their doom metal was the finest that I had heard since a long time. Their debut came very soon and it was what we all expected it to be. A great masterpiece and one of the most important doom metal albums nowadays. Songs full of haunting dark melodies and a fucking doomy feeling are some of the features that made Abdullah to be one of the most important hopes of the doom metal genre in our days.

Time has passed and the band has returned with its second album called 'Graveyard Poetry'. Although they managed to keep all its doomy musical forms, the new stuff is different than their debut. Do not panic, we are not talking about serious musical changes. The band has simply managed to create a heavier and a little bit groovier, wall of sound. Basically we have some heavier, faster and groovier songs put together with songs in more traditional doom metal forms.

I would use the description "Heavy Rock and Roll" to describe the musical point of view of this album in general, but let's be more specific. We can find songs in faster tempo, electrified with groovy guitar riffs that will remind you of '70s rock 'n roll. The opening track of the album ('Black Helicopters') and tracks like 'A Dark But Shining Sun', 'Deprogrammed' are typical examples. On the other side we have songs in the traditional doom metal forms, heavy, dark and melodic, songs like 'Pantheistic' (my favorite track from this album), 'Salamander', 'Behold A Pale Horse' (with its haunting melody on keyboards) will take you to the mountains of doom once more. From time to time the band tries to show a more aggressive face for example in the track 'They, the Tyrants', which is the fastest song of the band. If I heard the song without knowing who has written it, I could not believe that this is song from Abdullah!

Add to all these the very good -heavy but "clean" and ideal for this genre- production by Paul Hamann, the depressive but still so strong and melodic vocals by Jeff Shirilla and you will get an idea of the album. Abdullah have offered us a great album full of heavy dark and emotional music. I am sure that not only the fans of doom metal or "stoner rock" (sic) will enjoy the new album, but also everyone who is searching for something heavy, dark and emotional.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Rune
2. Black Helicopters
3. A Dark But Shining Sun
4. The Whimper Of Whipped Dogs
5. Deprogramed
6. Pantheistic
7. Beyond the Mountain
8. Salamander
9. Strange Benedictions
10. Secret Teachings Of Lost Ages
11. Medicine Man
12. Guided By The Spirit
13. Behold A Pale horse
14. They, Thy Tyrants

Duration : Approx. 64 minutes

Visit the Abdullah bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Chris Papadakis
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