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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Solo project by Joe Preston from Sunn O))), The Melvins and others. Incredibly heavy sludge/doom with just as incredibly low and loud bass. Strong...
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Why Angels Fall : The Unveiling

Why Angels fall. It’s not a question; would it be a proposition? Like: ‘We’ll tell you why angels fall... We’ll tell you about faith, God and sins, about rebellion and freedom, about chains and wisdom”. Vast program. Those ideas are hidden in the core of Why Angels Fall’s musical project; the unveiling has begun...

'The Unveiling' opens on pumelling bass drum, droning guitars, atmospheric keys, full of tension; the guitar sound and the groovy rhythm bear hints of the american Stoner Doom scene; a kind of brooding decontraction. They guys take their time; the desert session expands during a few minutes, topped by sporadic raspy grunts that herald some grey clouds to come.

The album is divided in two parts, each one being itself divided in three equal movements. It all flows without any breaks (but a micro blank between the two main parts which is bit incomprehensible, like a production defect). The lyrics refer to the First Testament, the creation of the universe, the coming of Jesus Christ. This allows the band to use hebraic as well as greek in the texts and also justifies the inclusion of a sitar, traditional percussions, wailing choruses and strange oniric keyboard’s effects in the sophisticated instrumentation.

The voice leads the march, reciting the text that obviously carries a meaning of great importance to the band. Often, the pace is slow and tranquil, arabic drums, riffs full of oriental arabesques; exotic patterns that light up a Death Doom basis that runs like a undercurrent beneath all the album and sometimes bursts open the quiet surface to let a burning flow overwhelm everything. The voice roars, the guitars weep tragic and threatening melodic lines... Till it all culminates in the first part around a key-chorus:

It echoes in the wind, it flows in
The streams,
It drones in the earth
It pulses within

...Which is repeated in different moods like a esoteric mantra. The effect is really striking. Other moments have the same kind of devastating effect that let you amazed; all along the 77 minutes that compose 'The Unveiling', you won’t escape ultra crushing blocks of massive Doom, don’t worry!

Why Angels Fall develop on 'The Unveiling' a modern approach of Doom Metal. The flow is progressive... it’s subtle and full of a great spirituality. We soon get lost in the maze of changing soundscapes. Which could be a bit off-puting for some as there are few truly memorable moments. The entire album is an expertly woven tapestery, never straightforward and , I must add, never brutal. It’s much more a kind of Doom version of Orphaned land or a slightly more quiet cousin of Mar De Grises. Why Angel Fall’s Doom is first and foremost intriguing, magical and fascinating. Their ambitious compositions drag us from soothing moments to thundering armaggedon over tons of anxious and passionate mental pictures.

The band plays with our nerves and know how to make the tension rise. They intertwine rich moods and somber rhythms. Never predictable, it distills a surprising sense of intensity. And raises a singular and sophisticated piece of doom that towers high above the flat line of most Death Doom bands’ encephalogram.

'The Unveiling' is a deconcerting album that reveals its inner treasures listen after listen. So, give it time, do justice to the passion the band has put in it. It’s complex, full of anguish and, at the end, portrays the vast mystical scope that hides within Doom Metal.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Unveiling
2. Neo Genesis

Duration : Approx. 77 minutes

Visit the Why Angels Fall bandpage.

Reviewed on 28-06-2010 by Bertrand marchal
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