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The Nulll Collective : De Monstris

The Nulll Collective is the most original merchant of Doom on the modern scene.

The Nulll Collective is the most original merchant of Doom on the modern scene: this is a select gentlemen's club : three artists who share a single vision of Doom have gathered their forces together to give birth to the strangest of creatures ( E.M.H., S.P.W, S.V.C.; guess who they are). After several only mp3-songs that appear as so many endurance tests, comes this first physical full-lenght, 'De Monstris', on Aesthetic Death Records. An aberrant musical experience which summons up each oneís refined know-how and distinctive perversity to let erupt an intense boiling magma of deconstructed and chaotic Doom.

The Nulll Collective are like a fruit syrup, itís a thick juice that releases exuberant fragrances and intense flavors; some would add water to it to dilute a bit the aggressiveness of the drink... our three alchemists serve it pure, unadulterated, so concentrated it burns your throat.

'De Monstris' is a superlative album, three experts in control, six radical tracks. The funeral landscapes that stretch in the heart of darkness bristle with aggressive spears, open on putrid pits; an ice-cold wind frosts their outlines. The industrial tone of most tracks amplifies their claustrophobic features.

'De Monstris' is a sprawling creature, hybrid and disjointed, incomplete and too full of everything. You can indeed feel that several musicians are at work, three thinking heads, three conductors who snatch each other's baton, writing their own partition in their corner, then throwing it to the lions who would shred it into pieces and then swallow it and regurgitate it in a spurt of acid vomit. The album bears all the stigmata of this fierce combat, it also shows a lack of cohesion, but not of wit : if the tracks arenít alike, of a same single mind, they keep some surprise in store, mock conventions and piss on all the waymarked walk's trusts.

No beauty, seduction lies in the dreadful tremors of a fat and grotesque body. Extreme Doom ornamented with sober and cinematic keyboards lines; a drum machine remarkably run, now hectic, now solemn; possessed vocals; titanic guitars releasing poisonous leads, hammering antediluvian riffs. A primitive maelstrom of high spiritual content, humming and spitting, snarling and swirling in the heart of a sick parallel universe, a dented sphere full of morbid dreams.

The Nulll Collective, itís the sum of three talents united to give the best out of the genre they have dedicated their art to. An essential work that can not be ignored, which proves that extreme Doom has still something new to say.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Exocation of the Void-Self
2. Repulsugloid (part 1)
3. Divine Skin
4. Repulsugloid (part 2)
5. Feed The Whore
6. Silent Night (bonus track)

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes

Visit the The Nulll Collective bandpage.

Reviewed on 14-08-2010 by Bertrand marchal
Thermal Mass
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