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Acid King : The Early Years

Leaf Hound Records has done us the favor of making Acid King's first two releases available once again after an absence of many years. Recorded in bassist Peter Lucas' basement in San Francisco in 1994 and 1995, these are essential documents in appreciating a classic stoner/doom band whose releases have been at best sporadic over the previous 13 years. Both releases have been re-mastered by the mighty Billy Anderson, so no matter how many of The 'King's releases you may or may not have (and chances are you don't have these two), you'll need this one.

I first saw Acid King when they toured with High on Fire years ago, then saw 'em again at SHOD in Dallas. They were both great shows, with plenty of their unique blend of majestic doom rhythms and 70s inspired heavy riffs, crowned by Lori's vocals soaring over the whole doomy affair. And great people, sheesh! Lori's a rocker to the bones, and cofounder Joe Osbourne is a hellaciously nice guy. Peter Lucas, the bass player on this disc, which combines the vinyl-only 10" 'Acid King'’ and the full-length follow-up 'Zoroaster', was gone by the time I saw the group, replaced by Guy.

Even then these early recordings were hard to come by, and they're that much tougher now. Everything we love about the group was there from the beginning, though the band has certainly gotten better over the years. The opener, 'Lead Paint,' acts as a manifesto for the future, with lots of 70s groove over a dancing dinosaur tempo. And it goes on like that.......raw and rich, and you can bet references to the southern lord are not few or far between. So is it time to fill in this hole in your collection? Of course it is. Get it before this, too, is history. Oh, and for Melvins completists, tub-smasher Dale Crover originally produced the S/T, and provided guest vocals on one of the tracks.

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Tracklist :
Acid King (10"):
1. Lead Paint
2. Blasting Cap
3. Drop
4. Midway

1. Evil Satan
2. If I burn
3. Vertigate #1
4. Tank
5. Dry Run
6. Fruit Cup
7. Queen of Sickness
8. ReloadVertigate#2

Duration : Approx. 59 minutes

Visit the Acid King bandpage.

Reviewed on ??-??-???? by Kevin McHugh
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