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0Xist : Demo 2010

0xist second release of 2010 shows a lot of promise.

Just when you thought Finland had finally run out of great Doom bands, here comes another one like the proverbial rabbit out of the magician’s hat. But despite being a fairly young band in itself, 0XIST is also the new project of the experienced guitarist/vocalist Jani Koskela: the older ones among you may remember him as a member of the strange Black/Doom/Gothic band Let Me Dream in the mid 90s, while the younger ones may know him for his work in the melodic Doom/Death band Saattue.

Moreover, 0XIST is far from being a lazy band: this demo is the second release of the outfit in less than one year (previously, a MCD was released via the French label Ostra Records). This professionaly printed CD-R is an appetizer for the upcoming album to be recorded in early 2011, and the least we can say is that 0XIST has closed a big gap since their 'Unveiling The Shadow World' EP. The band’s music is rooted in a typical mid-90s style of Doom/Death Metal, with some old school morbid and very obscure Death Metal parts (the Finnish way) that is the trademark of one well-known German band who even gave the genre its name: Dark Metal. And 0XIST are darker than the Dark Knight himself here. Slow, pounding drums, buzzing and cold guitars, with some weeping and melancolic solos, aggressive vocals... The names of Treblinka/early Tiamat and early Rotting Christ come to mind, mixed with some more classic Finnish Doom/Death sound à la early God Forsaken. Hey, you even have one hint or two of early Samael here. And just when you think the band is nothing more than another one trying to emulate an atmosphere of long gone Metal times, they manage to surprise you with some some acoustic parts and even ritual chants.

The music on display on this second release sounds really deeper and more personal than on the last MCD and, while the shadow of Tom Fischer is looming more than once over the songs, 0XIST finally manage to exists (sorry, couldn't resist...) all by itself. Now, if the upcoming album is as good as these two tracks, we'll have a strong contender for the 'Newcomer of 2011' award.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Old World Vanished
2. Of Wood, Stone and Bone

Duration : Approx. 15 minutes

Visit the 0Xist bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-01-15 by Laurent Lignon
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