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Condenados : A Painful Journey into Nihil

The first full length of Condenados carries many emotions.

Chile is becoming the Promised Land of Doom Metal. Those last years saw the emergence of bands such as Mar De Grises, Electrozombies and Procession, and more and more attention is given to the scene. Condenados was formed in 2005. Hailing from Concepción, they released two promising EPs, and after some line-up changes, they released their debut album under the banner of Shadow Kingdom Records.

The band can be compared to Procession, but while the latter focus more on the Metal side of the music, Condenados seem to convey a more Doom-ish feeling. Following in the footsteps of classic bands such as Black Sabbath, Candlemass or Saint Vitus, they bring something fresh to their music nevertheless. The songs are easily memorable, yet profound. This album carries many emotions, strengthening the choruses’ catchy power, like those you’ll want to sing along on ‘Centuries Of Darkness’ or ‘Cargando La Cruz’. Lyrics are also contributing to the charm of the album, especially when written in the band’s mother tongue.

Heavy riffing, deep vocals and potent playing is what you can expect from 'A Painful Journey into Nihil'. Every song has its particularities, so the listener never becomes bored, nor has the bad impression to be listening to the same track all over again.

Lastly, the flute in the last track is used in a pertinent way, and does not break the atmospheres created by the previous songs. This shouldn't be something rare enough to point it out, but nowadays many bands feel the need to use some of these typically ‘70s instruments to bring a sort of retro feel to their music, even when the songs don't fit with them. A welcome difference.

If you're into the early Doom Metal stuff, you may want to listen to this album. With 'A Painful Journey into Nihil', Condenados have released an excellent first full-length that was worth the expectations; they may not have produced the best album of the last few years, but there is certainly something unique to them that deserves your attention. You better keep a close eye on them.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Las Puertas de la Catedral
2. Cargando la Cruz (El Inquisidor)
3. Welcome to My Grave
4. Centuries of Darkness
5. The Shadow Within
6. Final Transmutation

Duration : Approx. 41 minutes

Visit the Condenados bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-21 by Reuben Muntrand
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