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Cult of Occult : Cult of Occult

The music of Cult Of Occult portrays the dirtier, nastier side of Doom Metal, but...

Classed as an EP, yet still clocking in at over 40 minutes, this is my first introduction to Cult Of Occult from Lyon in Southern France.

What they have created here is some pretty crusty, tar-drenched, raw, down-tuned Sludge Doom. This self-titled EP has a (probably intentional) rough feel to it – and is something that would be good on the live stage. Emanating from this EP you can almost smell the beer soaked sticky floor, the nicotine stained walls, the crass graffiti smothered over dilapidated plaster-less walls, the piss-stained backstage room, the reverberating amps stacked up as Cult Of Occult spew out their intense loud Feedback Sludge.

Whilst the semiotic iconography of the digipack proffers a satanic occult feel – I do not pick up that darkness within the soul of their music. Unlike recent bands, for example Riti Occulti, who ooze pure occult darkness in their art. With Cult Of Occult there is more than a fragrant whiff of the likes of Iron Monkey, Stumm, Grief, Highgate coming through in their pernicious style.

The overall production and mix of the EP seems a little uneven and could be stronger, although this is perhaps an intentional sentiment. As the EP unfolds we’re treated to the occasional undertone of psychedelic blackened Stoner fuzz, like Electric Wizard, Bongzilla or Church Of Misery – then into passages of lingering feedback which are interwoven into the fabric of their crusty slow Sludge Doom.

The music of Cult Of Occult portrays the dirtier, nastier side of Doom Metal – and I like that. But, in all truthfulness, whilst I can easily listen to and enjoy this EP, it doesn’t fill me with utter glee, nor smack me in the face in awe. It is nothing fresh, inspirational or new to these aging ears – and for that reason I can recommend it for what it is, but to not expect the unexpected.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
Blurry And Muzzy
I Hate You
Walking In The Desert
Perfect Love
Cult Of Occult

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes

Visit the Cult of Occult bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-05-22 by The Caveman
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