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Weed Priest : Demo

The shroud of drug-addled enlightenment falls across yer senses right away: the Ocean Chiefs, Bongs, Conans and such of the genre are Weed Priest's coven.

It's hard to expect much out of the ordinary from a band called Weed Priest. Then again, personally it's hard to expect I'll have a big problem with it.

If they were called Melancholy of Raining the Falls, or perhaps Bleeding Horizon Fist Empire, I might be afforded a premonition of lame. You shouldn't read a book by its cover, sure, but as surely as the former name anticipates a terrible and ungrammatical gothic mess, and the latter a Century Media-signed magazine Metal flash in the pan, the name Weed Priest made me expect some slow, stoned, doomed Metal. Bands like this are great for your self-confidence, you feel like you can really pick 'em.

A low, looowwww, rumble eventually accompanies the patiently crashing drum tattoo that opens the EP, as the bass and then electric gee-tars heave lazily into life. The catatonic stupor of the full-on Sleep experience channelled at you right away as is the fashion these days, rather than gradually and rhythmically worked upon you in the more layered manner of the older generation of stoner doom bands. No, the shroud of drug-addled enlightenment falls across yer senses right away, the Ocean Chiefs, Bongs, Conans and such of the genre are Weed Priest's coven.

I like the gently wah'd or twanging effects half-way through 'Final Spell', like something out of Runemagick maybe. I like the ominous and groaning leads opening 'Thy Kingdom Gone', a motif that haunts its mid-section and plays nicely against the ugly, barking fug that is the vocals. With the leads and solos, I feel they have taken something out of Officium Triste's book - it reminds me of a song called 'My Charcoal Heart' or similar, which injected these slightly funky elements into a canvas of gothicky death doom. I like the rocking final track. Most of all I like that there are three different things going on here, all falling somewhat beneath the umbrella of expectations I might have from their chosen moniker, but defeating expectations in their variety. The patient listener can find plenty to rummage through with these seemingly similar stoner bands, and these guys, I can tell, might well come up with a few really winning formulas once they get around to writing an album.

Since the recording apparatus available to a band these days are far more facilitating than back in the perennial day, the difference between a "demo" and a for-album recording has diminished - so you get a good idea what these dudes are getting at. Although I would suggest a touch more might and weight to really thrust these sluggish movements through the frontal lobe. Would make the experience a bit more awe-inspiring. They have the potential to stand out from the aforementioned coven and comfort zone, based on what we got 'ere I think they're capable of that. The demo makes for a good tip for labels, and a watch-this-space for buyers and fans.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1.Final Spell
2.Thy Kingdom Gone
3.Sky Daddy

Duration : Approx. 25 minutes

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Reviewed on 2012-08-27 by doom-metal.com
Rotten Copper
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