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Immensity : The Lonely Aquarelle (Promo 2012)

Immensity's Doom is in fact a kind of mix between the English style of Doom/Death and the Finnish style.

The Greek scene isn't the most popular of all when speaking of Doom Metal: still, it has its fair share of interesting bands. Immensity is a rather new band, founded in 2009 by various ex-members from other bands (Fata Morgana, Wine From Tears and Fortress Under Siege, among many others), and with this first demo, they want to let you hear their own brand of atmospheric Doom/Death with Progressive elements.

What we have here is in fact a kind of mix between the English style of Doom/Death and the Finnish style. The intro to 'Eradicate', for example, is so inspired by My Dying Bride that it wanders on the verge of pure and simple cloning: storm rumbling, guitar weeping, clean voice that is an almost perfect imitation of Aaron Stainthorpe's... At first, I thought that I had made a mistake and put 'The Dreadful Hours' in my player! But, quickly, the song evolves into an atmospheric kind of Doom that is very reminiscent of what Rapture used to do on their 'Futile' record. Dark yet melodic, slow but brooding, sad and lingering. Despite its length, the song is very enjoyable.

'Adornment' starts a bit up-tempo, in the vein of bands like Katatonia or Grey Waters. There is still this kind of 'Finnish vibe' that conjures up lead-grey skies and Scandinavian spleen, but this time the clean vocals are supplemented by some – understandable - growls, which create a sense of aggressiveness while still sounding quite sorrowful. The guitar gets the better parts here, with some riffs and solos worthy of the 90's, and the keyboards are nicely placed too : neither overflooding the music nor being eclipsed by the other instruments. In some ways, this song reminds me a bit of a mix between Celestial Season and Opeth. The various parts are all well crafted and when you're carried from one to the other, you never get lost and never get the awkward feeling of listening to different songs merged into the same track, which can sometimes happen.

Considering that it is just a demo, this shows a massive potential. Because Immensity have indeed released something here that is clearly of album status. The production is decent, the songwriting excellent and, despite being clearly under others' influence, there's enough personality in the music displayed to make Immensity a band worthy of your interest and one of the best Doom/Death demos I've had the pleasure to review this year.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Eradicate (The Pain Of Remembrance)
2. Adornment

Duration : Approx. 20 minutes.

Visit the Immensity bandpage.

Reviewed on 2012-09-20 by Laurent Lignon
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