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Who Dies In Siberian Slush : We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago

While the performance on Who Dies in Siberian Slush's latest album is good on the whole, a real lack of identity can be sensed.

It seems to me that Funeral Doom Metal was once a style of music that was most popular in Finland. Finnish bands Thergothon and Skepticism originated the style, while the likes of Shape of Despair and Colosseum modernized the genre with a more atmospheric approach. Yet more recently, bands that also execute this kind of slow and extreme metal are becoming more common in Russia. While Ea, Comatose Vigil, and Abstract Spirit are more prime examples, Who Dies in Siberian Slush has remained in obscurity. Their first album, ’Bitterness of the Years that are Lost’, was one of many albums released by Solitude Productions that was overshadowed by the less obscure bands that also distributed albums through the label. Since many more well-known Doom Metal bands released fantastic albums this past year, the band’s 2012 sophomore, ’We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago’, seems to be attracting the same scant amount of attention as their first.

The music on ’We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago’ is fairly basic. Dissonant and ugly guitar melodies are joined with simple drumming and the typical deep growls. While the first album was strictly funereal, the music focuses on sounding raw and dabbles more in Death/Doom Metal on this new output. Although the rhythm mostly sticks to the band’s roots in being very sluggish and lethargic, there is also a decent amount of mid-tempo and speedy sections to add variation and avoid being too repetitive. There are even some melodic passages that lighten the dire mood, particularly on ‘Refinement of the Mould’ and ‘In a Jar’, which bring to mind the early works of Funeral, as well as Mournful Congregation. Occasionally, the band implements pianos, synthesizers, and even trumpets (well, a trumpet setting on the keyboard, taking akin to Abstract Spirit) to allow the songs to sound more majestic at times.

While I would say the guitar melodies are the real stand-out of the album, I feel as if that’s all that stands out on ’We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago’ whatsoever. Since this band does play a style as minimal as Funeral Doom, it can be expected that the drumming will only be but so technical and that the vocals will be deep grunts, which are typical characteristics for this kind of music. Yet, the execution of these two elements makes it difficult to differentiate Who Dies in Siberian Slush from the plethora of similar bands that are active now. In particular, I find that the band shares a lot of characteristics with My Shameful, not only in the vocals and pacing of the music, but in the suffocating and grotesque atmosphere as well. While the performance is good nonetheless, I sense a real lack of identity. However, since I have found it’s common for more modern Doom Metal bands to develop uniqueness over time, perhaps Who Dies in Siberian Slush will be able to create a sound that is more their own in the future. Nevertheless, those who enjoy the less atmospheric side of Funeral Doom and Death/Doom should look into this, especially if they enjoy Ataraxie and Funeralium, as well as the aforementioned My Shameful and Abstract Spirit.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1.The Day of Marvin Heemeyer
2.Refinement of the Mould
3.In a Jar
4.The Spring
5.Funeral March №14
6.Of Immortality

Duration : Approx; 43 minutes

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Reviewed on 2013-04-01 by Dante DuVall
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