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Northwinds : Chimeres

Please meet Northwinds, the most shamefully underrated Heavy Metal band in Europe!

France and Metal are two words that you don’t often encounter in the same sentence, at least in mainstream media. Thankfully we are not part of them, and so you will have the chance to meet the most shamefully underrated (Heavy Metal) band in Europe, it is even greater a shame considering they have been around since 1987! Apart from a very small number of people (slightly larger than a normal-sized coven), Northwinds are unknown to most doomsters.

In 'Chimeres', their third album, they move on along the path they traced with their previous two albums fusing prog/folk Rock with traditional Doom Metal. Undoubtedly among the most loyal followers of Black Sabbath and Witchifinder General (they covered Sabbath’s 'National Acrobat' on their debut and this album also ends with a Witchfinder General cover) but also influenced by Genesis, Yes and Ange (also covering the latter in here with 'Le Soir du Diable'), they have managed to craft a album that is heavy and melodic, complex and mystical and yet well balanced. The band's greatest strength is their ability to keep the ethereal dark mood they create undiluted despite the continuous changes between heavy riffs, progressive rhythms and acoustic folky melodies. I like the entirety of 'Chimeres' and I can’t pick a favourite, as the album has almost a concept structure, maybe not lyrically but surely musically.

The album also comes with a bonus DVD with 3 videos 'Great God Pan' from their demo period since the video is from 1995, 'Violet Rainbow' also live and finally the official video for 'Winds Of Sorrow'. I can't recommend this band enough, this album but also their entire discography! Fans of old-school bands like Witchfinder General and Pagan Altar or of more folky, pagan-sounding projects like Jex Thoth or Reino Ermitano will love them.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Master of Magic
2. Dusty Pictures
3. Le Cercle des Fées
4. Life on the Run
5. Never Never Land
6. Winds of Sorrow
7. Crystal Ball
8. Le Soir du Diable (Ange cover)
9. Friends of Hell (Witchfinder General cover)

Duration : Approx. 71 minutes

Visit the Northwinds bandpage.

Reviewed on 2013-04-20 by Dimitris Plastiras
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