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Albez Duz : Albez Duz (Re-release)

A second chance to pick up Albez Duz' criminally-overlooked Gothic Doom debut release.

I'm always a bit anxious when I read that a member from a Black Metal band has a Doom side-project. Back then in 2005, nearly every wannabe bedroom satanist had decided to record his br-Drn-Fnrl-D)))))m music, and LO!! how shitty it was in 99.99 per cent of cases. Nowadays, everyone is crazy about 70's Occult Rock and guess what? TrOObies have decided that playing satanic hippie music was cool. So when our wonderful editor sent me this album from Albez Duz, I was a bit scared. For behind Albez Duz, there is Impurus from the German sympho BM band Dies Ater.

Judging the book by the cover, the band label their music 'Occult Doom Rock'...Oh dear, AGAIN? No. because, despite what it seems, this album was in fact self-released in 2009, way before The Great Satan-Hipster Invasion. The most recent version is a nice limited-to-500 digipack, courtesy of Archaic Sound. And it's one hell of an idea they had to have re-released this album, which will give it a chance to be rediscovered. Musically, the label doesn't lie: it's pretty much Doom, it's clearly Rock and there's a fine Occult vibe in all the songs. But there's more than just that, for Albez Duz has found the magic recipe to turn all those ingredients into 40 minutes+ of great sound. The first thing that struck me in the first minutes of 'Missa Lunaris' were the vocals. For some unknown reason, I find them to be along the lines of the old school of Deathrock (yeah, just don't look at me that way, will you?) and Goth-Rock. This is both melodic and gloomy, without ever trying too hard to be spooky. In fact, if Anna-Varney had the idea to record a doom album, I'm pretty sure it'd sound like 'Albez Duz'.

This Gothic vibe is present in other parts of the album, like on the great 'Going Nowhere' that sounds like when Peter Steele was joyously raping the 60's for Type O Negative (remember 'Summer Girl'? That kind of vibe). Every song is gifted with some fine riffs, great choruses, and enough gloom to push your girlfriend over a cliff. There is in Albez Duz some real talent for crafting songs that are both original, yet firmly rooted in the past. Even their choice of a cover version betrays that: like a lot of bands nowadays, they cover Black Widow, but they have enough taste to NOT record another version of 'Come To The Sabbath'. Instead, they've chosen the lesser-known 'Attack Of The Demon' and they bring a sense of theatricality to that occult classic which is very welcome.

This first album was criminally overlooked when it was released 4 years ago, but here's your chance to correct that mistake. With some luck, we may even get a follow-up to it.

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Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Missa Lunaris
2. Rev. In Blood
3. Redeemer
4. Going Nowhere
5. Leichenhain
6. Attack Of The Demon

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes

Visit the Albez Duz bandpage.

Reviewed on 2013-07-09 by Laurent Lignon
Aesthetic Death
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