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The Nihilistic Front : Procession to Annihilation

There are not many songwriting subtleties in The Nihilistic Front's new offering, a prime example of "Über-Crushing Doom".

The Nihilistic Front don't try hard to be friendly guys: there're no welcoming lights shining through the windows of their house, no well-kept little garden, no clear room layouts and no smile on their face. In fact, they don't need your love; quite the contrary: the album looks like a grim, empty bunker. It is dark, it is cold and if by chance you venture a visit, grit your teeth and just try and hold on.

'Procession to Annihilation' is a noisy album I am not quite sure how to tag; "Industrial Death Doom " gives an idea of the sinister and mechanical violence of the group and the dilapidated state of music, however, "Über-Crushing Death Doom", the description the label Aesthetic Death makes of this cataclysmic work is certainly, in its simplicity and dubious reference to a certain totalitarian German past, a more evocative way of describing it.

The 4 tracks that make up the album follow each other without blanks and without abrupt changes of tone either: 'Procession to Annihilation' is obviously thought out as a compact whole , a large block whose monolithic aspect masks an impressionistic chaos, a succession of brief and wild rhythmic convulsions, of vague snatches of melody without further details, full of holes and absences. Songwriting subtleties? There aren't many, really. 'Procession to Annihilation' is a bundle of obnoxious neurosis that is tied up by a very disciplined energy: the pace doesn't change and the lack of rhythmic articulations within and between the songs indisputably reveals the band's ultimate will to crush everything in its path, in one stroke and without remorse.

Two types of vocals are used: deep growls and sociopathic shrieks that both bellow restlessly; it's an undecipherable logorrhea that numbs the listener, as with many hard blows given to hurt. The guitar play is no exception to that, delivering evil riffs, dark, frantic chords drenched in reverb - it's a wall of whirling hail that can only batter you aside or swallow you in its vortex, all depending on your mental availablity. The drummer's punch is powerfully stubborn, it echoes in the deep night of the album as a war drum which would precipitate the final Apocalypse. The cards are on the table from the beginning, what follows is only a slowed-down Blitzkrieg: a colossal cry that lasts 45 minutes.

In a time when quite a lot of Doom bands express the need to follow a tradition that seems to be the only legitimate one, The Nihilistic Front prove that one can also make fun of everything and even of the listener by refusing to make him a part of the equation or rather, more accurately, by dissolving him in the equation: the album leaves no room for imagination, no rest, no relief is given, but for a short digression occupied by a long, dehumanized, vocoded monologue. The virulence of the whole is really impressive, and, left without any familiar landmarks, without beacons in the thick night, you can only rely on that signpost that the band planted at the entrance to the bunker: "One way to annihilation". You have been warned.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Confronted By the Obscure
2. Process to Annihilation
3. Opaque Shadows
4. A Working God

Duration : approx. ?? minutes

Visit the The Nihilistic Front bandpage.

Reviewed on 2013-09-13 by Bertrand Marchal
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