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Woe Unto Me : A Step into the Water of Forgetfulness

Woe Unto Me make no exception to the "Solitude sound" definition, but they obviously also come with their own twists.

More than 10 years of providing fans of Doom Metal with their distinctive brand of Death- and Funeral Doom and Solitude Productions never fail to amaze with their capacity to sign new and quite often unheard-of bands. One may want to discuss the merits of still going forward when it seems all has been said and done in this “branch”, but the people at Solitude Productions show endurance and fortitude beyond measure and, if not just for the music, they should be praised for their devotion to the extreme Doom scene.

Coming from Belarus and sharing a member with Polish Dark Metal act Thy Disease, Woe Unto Me just appeared almost out of nowhere and inked a deal with Solitude Productions and ’A Step Into the Waters of Forgetfulness’ was then consequently released January this year.

If I were to describe in a few words the Solitude sound, I would probably roughly write something along these lines: “extreme, yet melodic Doom often reminiscent of Finnish glories Shape of Despair and Colosseum with a few twists here and there”. And Woe Unto Me make no exception to this very definition and obviously come with their own twists. Namely a great use of clean vocals, male and female, very solemn, very Slavic in rendition and also cinematic keys that seem to tell us a story throughout the record.

It does indeed sound like a story is being told. The first three minutes of ‘Slough Of Despond’ are very “intro” like and sound like something Badalementi could have composed. Past this “intro”, the music really sets in for the aforementioned Colosseum-meet-Shape-Of-Despair-type of Doom.

From this point, there will be little variations in Woe Unto Me’s music. One could point the church organ displayed in song ‘Stillborn Hope’, which gives the track some Skepticism edge or the instrumental track entitled ‘4’ which, with his acoustic undertones, could make for a Mournful Congregation rehearsal.

While never straying too far from their path, Woe Unto Me deliver pleasant and almost soothing melodic Death Doom much like you’d expect from Saturnus, for instance. ’A Step Into the Waters of Forgetfulness’ is certainly not a groundbreaking record but it will appeal to anyone into Finnish “soft” kind of Doom. I still would like to praise Woe Unto Me for their own pièce de résistance with the last track featured on the record: ‘Angels to Die’. Contrary to the previous songs which deliver a nice package but fail to really captivate, this last track displays some gripping momentum. The haunting progression is delightful with Unholy-esque female “narcotic” vocals and this hypnotic riff a la ’Shades of…’ until the outro keys let us know that ends credits are rolling and we should soon head out into daylight.

Not personal enough to catch you off balance, not original enough to make you raise an eyebrow, Woe Unto Me deliver nonetheless the goods and show, even if for only one song, that they can surpass themselves and go from “plain good” to “darn interesting” extreme melodic Doom the Solitude way.

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Reviewer's rating: 6/10


Tracklist :
1. Slough of Despond
2. The Gospel Reading
3. Stillborn Hope
4. 4
5. Angels to Die

Duration : Approx. 54 minutes

Visit the Woe Unto Me bandpage.

Reviewed on 2014-03-12 by Frédéric Cerfvol
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