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Fuoco Fatuo : 33 Colpi di Schizofrenia Astrale Nell'Abisso Nero

Fuoco Fatuo sound definitely like Abysmal Grief, would they decide to go extreme all the way.

Doom Metal is strong in Italy. While most other Metal genres have miserably failed to produce anything good in Italy despite a few odd exceptions, Doom Metal has always flourished in various ways. The new Doom sensation from this country is Fuoco Fatuo, Italian for will-o’-the-wisp, whose drummer also pounds for Death Doom act Into Darkness.

Exhumed from their coffins in 2012, the Italian trio first garnered positive reviews in their local scene of Lombardy and developed relatively rapidly with the release of the EP 33 Colpi di Schizofrenia Astrale Nell’Abisso Nero, whose two most prominent songs were featured later on the same year on a split record with Black Temple Below. 2014 just started out great for them with the release of their own debut, The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains. And what a ride from 2012 to 2014… So let’s now concentrate on the beginnings since we’ll eventually reach out for the debut with another review.

As mentioned earlier, Doom Metal always had a soft spot for Italy. Paul Chain, Black Oath, Abysmal Grief and many others write a legend whose origins date back with the godfather of the “Italian Dark Sound”, Antonio Bartoccetti, aka Antonius Rex, mastermind of Jacula. As if Doom and Horror always have been playing together a four-hands occult concerto from the very start. Fuoco Fatuo make no exception to this rule with '33 Colpi' except the band chose to explore the more extreme side of Doom Metal rather than its traditional form.

To describe the sound of Fuoco Fatuo, you should imagine the “heaviness” of Doom Death, the “occult” of Black Metal, the “horror” that is oh-so Italian per se and try to picture their – almost- perfect combination. Vocals alternate between Black Metal shrieks and Death-ish guttural growls and adorn some Doom Metal that is not afraid to pick up the pace when needed. '33 Colpi' starts off with ‘L’Abisso’ and goes hard on you from the get-go with tribal drumming and ‘Jaculesque’ organs. Lyrics are sung in Italian, and though I can’t understand a word of it, it’s not hard to picture some black-and-white old Horror movie with hooded figures performing some strange rites in a cemetery. Yes, the music is this scenic. Fuoco Fatuo sound definitely like Abysmal Grief, would (should) they decide to go extreme all the way. In doing so, you’d even be tempted to draw a comparison with Ilsa, probably the most Italian Death Doom act to come from the US.

If the two other tracks may look pale in comparison of ‘L’Abisso’ (especially ‘Vuoto Nero’, the stodgy middle of the EP) , they still are light-years from sounding anywhere close to conventional. The pace does go down to explore tempos that may be deemed more acceptable by the standards of Doom Metal but they still retain this improbable groove that makes ‘L’Abisso’ and the rest of this EP stand above the crowd because most Doom Death acts do rather rely on despair-inducing sonatas than awe-inspiring anthems.

For a new band, Fuoco Fatuo developed a great EP with plenty of maturity and originality. We thought we knew everything about Doom Metal in Italy and yet with the likes of Fuoco Fatuo, a whole new school could seize the throne! But that was 2012… and now, in 2014, the debut has just been released…

Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. L’Abisso
2. Vuoto Nero
3. 33 Colpi di Schizofrenia Astrale

Duration : Approx. 20 minutes

Visit the Fuoco Fatuo bandpage.

Reviewed on 2014-03-21 by Frédéric Cerfvol
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