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Abstracter : Tomb Of Feathers

Abstracter offer an evolved Sludge journey you'd want to experience.

Abstracter is a fine revelation. From the US, this new band plays an evolved form of Sludge, with Post-Hardcore hangover. That works well. Itís the sounds of Neurosis-Isis taken forward and amplified. This music resembles the sound of Fleshpress the most, although the music isnít as unpredictable or breathtaking. Itís not trying to be, perhaps because itís doing something more consistently and doing it very well. The sound is massive, recorded live apparently using analog equipment. That explains the full sound and a strange warmth. Thereís nothing forced over here Ė it all seems quite logical, and thatís quite a feat considering the length of the songs, all over 10 minutes long. The songs often employ clean vocals to give company to the expansive music Ė thatís its scope, marvellous.

This release has three songs, with a combined playing time of almost 40 minutes. Perfect. I donít want hour-long sessions of music that takes a lot of time to make its point. This is more like a journey that youíd want to experience, much like Eibon. But the sound is the bandís own and itís very comfortable with that. Even though more could happen, especially in the emotive area, the music does reasonably well to retain your attention despite some plodding. And unlike Indian, itís not even cathartic - not as much as it needs to be, perhaps - but you donít want all such bands to sound like one another, do you? Abstracter has a well-rounded sound but hardly something shockingly new.

'Tomb of Feathers' should not be underrated as a release, especially since itís done so well to form a cohesive sound which is played out quite well for so long. There arenít any really dull moments because the music exudes a sense of intrigue and hidden charm, as though there are facets that will reveal themselves any time - which works. From the artwork to the production, that charm exists. One might wish the band would experiment some more, perhaps borrow some more heaviness or pain from somewhere if not from within, but as it stands, itís a fine release worthy of your time and money.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Walls That Breathe
2. To Vomit Crows
3. Ashes

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes

Visit the Abstracter bandpage.

Reviewed on 2014-06-01 by Kunal Choksi
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