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Father Merrin : All Is Well That Ends In Hell (EP)

Father Merrin conveys feelings of horror and decay, yet with enough sadness to make your heart drown in sorrow.

Sometimes, I get news from a band I had completely forgotten. Father Merrin is born of the ashes of Circle Of Hate, a really interesting french Death/Doom band that was playing a nasty mix of early Asphyx and Winter. As it happened, Circle Of Hate disappeared after a demo and 3 of the members came back with a new, more Doom-inclined, band.

Compared to Circle Of Hate, Father Merrin has dropped off every Death part and concentrated more on the dark groove of Sludge. With a twist. Don't expect any southern-like sounds here, this is pure leaden riff-o-rama of the heaviest calibre. The music is suffocating, crushing and full of despair and nihilism. The first track, 'Hellride', is worthy of its name, as listening to it is akin to a ride through a haunted house while on a bad trip.

Mostly, the music manages to create some creepy atmospheres which are close to what some Occult Doom bands are doing. One could think about Electric Wizard, current Moss or Black Oath, but Father Merrin do it in their own way: same darkness, different take on it. That is what makes this EP so interesting: the music of

The perfect example would be the track 'The Albigensian Crusade': an unholy combination of Reverend Bizarre and old Candlemass with some funerary bell opening and ending the track. In fact, Father Merrin is doing what bands like Surtr haven't achieved yet: they bring something new and interesting to the Traditional Doom genre. Right now it's far from being perfect, but it's a good appetizer for future things to come.

For a first release, Father Merrin show us that they have a lot of things to say. And they leave enough room in their music to expand their tricks and get better with time. A band worthy of your attention, and one on which I'll keep a close eye myself.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Hellride
2. Dawn Of The Sixth Day
3. Lord Of Mercy
4. The Albigensian Crusade

Duration : Approx. 25 minutes

Visit the Father Merrin bandpage.

Reviewed on 2014-06-15 by Laurent Lignon
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