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Capilla Ardiente : Bravery, Truth And The Endless Darkness

The sophomore release from Capilla Ardiente. Best Epic Doom metal album of year 2014? Probably.

Chilean four-piece group Capilla Ardiente ("a lit chapel" in Latin) love to play metal, with a capital L. You simply can hear the sheer joy and enthusiasm with which they play; their music is all full of zest, pathos and greater-than-life tunes, attributes that are mandatory for this Epic Doom metal style. Capilla Ardiente's music is quite aggressive, the backbone of their music are thrashing rhythm guitars that set the tone and pace for the band's most dynamic tracks, in addition to a general power metal 'feel' the music emanates. Both music and vocals stand somewhere between Nevermore and Candlemass, with 'Time Does Not Heal'-era, Dark Angel's own Ron Rinehart's dispassionate, off-key wailings. Is this album pure-breed Epic Doom metal? By no means is it; it is however a very potent admixture of styles, that most likely will appeal to fans of either Doom, Power, Thrash or good old Heavy Metal - especially those who like their music both metallic and bombastic.

The music is very powerful and passionate, but not as slow as one may think; the tunes maintain a good sense of dynamics enabling even some headbanging, for those who think headbanging to the tunes of a doom metal band sounds like a preposterous notion. The drumming, both the way it had been recorded and its technical level, is phenomenal: the cymbals, the bass drum, the snare, all sound so vivid and theatrical, as if the drums are speaking in their own, individual and unique language, standing alone and doing their thing with no relation to the rest of the music. And yet, they add an enormous depth to the music, a ceremonial dimension if you will, accommodating well the metallic narration. And narration is essentially what this album is all about; the songs are best experienced as an epic tale, a melodramatic fable of heroism and sorrow; the vocalist being the main narrator, while the instruments - a second and third voice.

One unique characteristic of this recording are the ever-present vocals that accompany the music almost from beginning to end. In other words: there's hardly a section throughout the whole recording that is vocals-free; the singing is all over the place, virtually a non-stop machine of human lamentations that never sound too ridiculous or cheesy despite the melodrama, and even the often off-key singing won't discourage the most critical listener from listening further and enjoying this excellent recording.

By default, there aren't that many Epic Doom metal releases nowadays -- let alone good ones -- in comparison to, let's say, Black or Death metal albums -- or even when compared to the barrage of Doom/Death albums raining down upon us like hail, each and every year. If you happen to pick one Epic Doom metal album a year, make sure you secure 'Bravery, Truth and the Endless Darkness' as 2014's album in that department of metal, as this album is virtually fault-free as well as excellently written and executed. There's a level of innate creativity captured by those tunes, an intrinsic forward thinking compositional prowess, that allows the music to be experienced as a novelty, despite the distinctive style's barriers that keep the music in the realm of Epic Doom's aesthetics; an aspiring album that manages to transcend beyond the genre's boundaries yet still having both metaphorical legs remain on the ground.

Best Epic Doom metal album of year 2014? Probably.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Consequence and Consequences (Intro)
2. Nothing Here for Me
3. Towards the Midnight Ocean
4. Naufragios (Interlude)
5. They Who Were Lost and Now Are Cursed
6. Into Unknown Lands

Duration : Approx. 47 minutes

Visit the Capilla Ardiente bandpage.

Reviewed on 2014-07-27 by Chaim Drishner
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