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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Supergroup whose members come from Ramesses, Unearthly Trance and Electric Wizard, it conveys some soul-crushing moods. Raspy growls and dr...
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Ennoea : Proarkhe

A step up from the demo, and with potential for more: Ennoea's debut sets its own style.

My acquaintance with Ennoea took place about half a year ago, and I was deeply amazed with what I heard. I had the luck to review Samantha’s first demo for this project, which was titled 'Listening to Silence'. From the very beginning it became clear that there was something deep and truly unique on this demo and closer to the end of the record there were no doubts that this project deserves rapt attention. That’s why I was glad indeed that the full-length record was on its way.

I decided to avoid any suppositions regarding the material and listened to Ennoea’s first full-length album 'Proarkhe' with great interest and eagerness. The effect which this record had on me beat any expectation. The album consists of seven songs, and three of them are instrumentals. The songs arise one after another without evident pauses, which makes the music literally envelop you and surround you, like a barbed wire entanglement. The thing is that the music itself is very disturbing; it makes a listener feel uncomfortable, which is good as the music influences you on a physical level. Once again – it is impossible to describe the material in terms of any genre. It’s a distinctive fusion of sub-styles, somewhere in between Doom-Death metal and Stoner. Actually, I would say that a very suitable word for description of the album could be “vagueness”. I don’t mean that it is indistinct or chaotic. Everything here lies somewhere beyond the limits, the music of gray tones: it is a personal viewpoint and in this respect I guess it is great that Ennoea is a one-lady project, as it is a pure individual approach, and she can do whatever she wanted. The listener can decide for themself which style it is, if it is a sad, depressive or even aggressive record. This ambiguity is greatly provided via raw and overloaded guitars; the chords are groundless, only the muffled drums nail you to the ground. Samantha’s vocal sounds even deeper than on the demo – it is just one more evidence of a really serious approach to music, development and obvious growth. Perhaps some of the listeners will point to the quality of the record, which is apparently not so perfect. Nevertheless, this point will be easily forgotten by the second track, because the rawness adds a certain charm to the album, it makes it natural and unspoiled.

Once again I ascertain that Samantha is a good musician with expansive views, and what is more important – with individual manner and her own, independent vision. That is twice as important as just the craft of playing, or making good recordings. I really wish her a success as there is a potential in her. The album differs from the demo; it is more modified and more atmospheric. By all means this record will make an impression on you. And as I said before, it is for the listener to define the style and the mood of the record. If you ask me, I’d definitely say that this record is worth listening to and analyzing carefully as there are many different facets to be found.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Before, The Beginning
2. Rivers Of Infinite Possibility
3. Wretched Creature
4. Signs Of Uncertainty
5. Entropy (Demiurgos Part I)
6. Dream Of The Endless (Part II)
7. " " (Bonus Track)

Duration : Approx. 34 minutes

Visit the Ennoea bandpage.

Reviewed on 2014-12-07 by Madness
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