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Where Lovers Rot : Demo (EP)

Where Lovers Rot's debut shows a prospective talent not quite realised in execution.

Musically, Where Lovers Rot is a solid combination of Doom Metal and Symphonic elements, incorporating death growls and an operatic vocal style; more commonly known as 'Beauty-and-the-Beast' vocals, and presenting an overall Gothic atmosphere, perhaps towards the direction of bands like Draconian. The music is indeed heavy and melodic whilst also possessing some interesting passages.

However, it required more than one listen to fully gather my full attention and even then, I remained unsure of what true original writing was in this demo and whether it contributed anything to the Doom-Metal genre. There are some passages which seized my interest and if they were to be pursued more prevalently, they would have almost certainly increased the general quality of the recording. Notwithstanding even these particular passages, the composition of Where Lovers Rot is readily acceptable to the ear, and delivers enough hooks to not lose the listener, but musically offers little originality. I do not wish to dismiss this album as another Gothic/Symphonic metal band, for there are distinguished elements of the music, yet there are not enough distinguishing components to absolutely separate it from other bands.

But my insecurities with this release remain attached to the vocal delivery of both vocalists. The female operatic vocals are the dominant method used to convey the lyrics and although they are in themselves well done and the vocalist is absolutely talented, the vocals still, somehow give a flat - even forced and inexperienced - impression. It seems that the harmonies utilised in the songs fail to keep in tune with each other during many of the heavier passages.

The death growls or 'grunts', as it were, are similar but still different in this respect. To my own ears, they likewise sound inexperienced and forced, for they are quite raw, unformed and unclear, and resonate somewhat unpleasantly. They do, on the other hand, merge well when implemented behind the feminine vocals and actually enhance the general arrangement by adding extra force.

There are, nevertheless, almost pure vocal passages which are astonishingly well done, and these moments therefore lead me to assume that the vocalists might simply be inexperienced solely with metal—or at least heavier or slower subgenres like doom-metal.

It should be remembered and firmly noted that this is a demo and that these songs might be reworked in later releases. I hear the prospective talent of this band increasing, so I haven't the desire to push listeners away from the demo, but for now I would not expect much to come from it.

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Reviewer's rating: 5.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Where Lovers Rot (Intro)
2. Through the Gardens and Archways
3. Nightshade
4. Our Last Summer

Duration : Approx. 30 minutes

Visit the Where Lovers Rot bandpage.

Reviewed on 2015-03-29 by Dani Alisée
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