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Volition : Wreck Among Ruin

Volition's latest full-length feels singularly like a sadly-uninteresting corpse.

Volition's self titled album from 2008 was a tedious and uninteresting slab of funereal Sludge, a sub-style that has become increasingly popular since the inception of both the Funeral Doom and Sludge concepts. On a personal level, this reviewer would rather see the continuous engagement of separatism between those two aesthetics, instead of melding them into one hybrid that only seldom manages to recreate the essence of either Funeral Doom OR Sludge.

UK-based Volition's second full length album, named 'Wreck Among Ruin' (an album title as unoriginal as the music this album contains), sees no evolution in the band's uninteresting, dull and weary form of twisted doom, despite the odd seven years that have passed between debut and sophomore.

We still get the basic slow Sludge that relies on a single tried-and-true riff (the classic Sludge riff), the same monochromatic guitars, primitive drum-work and generally an uneventful and unadventurous song writing technique that renders every track a clone of the previous or the next one, having the same 'aura' and exhibiting the very same gimmickry.

Even Sludge itself is nothing more than Death metal embracing Stoner rock aesthetics, with a generous amount of Hardcore punk thrown in (or the other way around?). This album does showcase that mingling of styles in rather an obvious way, by using Death metal vocals over a backdrop of slow Hardcore punk experimenting with some healthy doses of Stoner groove. And man, it is fucking boring! Volition haven't introduced, throughout the album's length, even a single original element. In addition to the exceptionally unexceptional songs on display, the album drags, barely so, aided by a set of retarded riffs (more accurately, a single riff, with very little variation between one version of that very riff to the next version) and derivative musicianship.

This album feels like a corpse with no spirit and no life in it; and albeit the fact doom metal always likes to be in the vicinity of dead things, this album is even deader than a dry fossil; no romanticizing of death, no mystery, no spirituality - just stone cold death: meaningless, arbitrary, valueless. Boring to the hilt, uninspired and completely rehashed, 'Wreck Among Ruin' is a run-of-the-mill Sludge/Funeral Doom of the lowest kind, the likes of which have been done to death by countless other bands all over the globe, without singularity and with no added value whatsoever. Aimlessly droning, circularly repeating the same three chords over and over again, going nowhere. Volition's second full length album is a boredom-fest of old ideas and bad ideas celebrating the creation of one mediocre album - one too many.

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Reviewer's rating: 2/10


Tracklist :
1. A Wreck Among Ruins
2. Cloth Spun Of Night
3. Shared Sins & Harboured Secrets
4. Thrown To The Lions
5. The Vastness Consumes Us
6. Butchered In The Fog

Duration : Approx. 55 minutes

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Reviewed on 2015-05-31 by Chaim Drishner
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