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Ultra heavy and hypnotic Stoner/Doom Metal with female vocals, in the same vein as Acid King. Slow moving and bass-heavy riffs carry on repetitive tr...
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Doomraiser : Reverse (Passaggio Inverso)

Not the most original sound ever, but Doomraiser present it with a crushingly honest energy.

If looking for an album which is dense, heavy, crushing and still reserves a melodic and attractive rhythm; you would be directed towards this release. This record in particular retains an atmosphere as if the band were playing before you and the energy of such an environment is very much there.

There are many things which are commendable of praise for Doomraiser in this effort. Although not entirely innovative as far as Doom Metal is concerned, it is not easy for me to readily compare this release to others because of its production, general style, and performance. It often shifts between heavy, catchy rhythms, and melodic leads in most songs. The vocals are either sung with a sorrowful drone-like tone, or shouted with fervent energy. All of the music is well composed with pleasant and stimulating additions to many tracks.

This is a very loud album. I have considered the music 'crushing', and I use the term strictly because I cannot think of any better to describe the delivery of the guitars. This is an approach often used in Doom Metal, but the crushing sounds do not entirely produce a cold or gloomy feeling, as many other Doom bands strive for. Rather, it produces the honest energy of a live show and therefore permits a sort of immersion into the music, but still has a mood of impending doom. This is quite beneficial for a studio record, and in my opinion, not easily attainable whilst keeping with a clean production.

The vocalist has an incredibly monstrous and powerful voice, and seems to have chosen the cooperating styles to match with each particular moment in the music. It is unfortunate to note that in the production, it seems that some songs have the vocals so far back in the mix that they become nearly inaudible. It is difficult to state whether this was intended or not until some sort of confirmation is reached, but I would have like for the mix to have been more vocally prominent, for the vocalist is quite talented; showing a range of high and low yells, combined with appropriate screams and growls.

Compared to most of Doom Metal, the music is actually rather fast in many parts. Nevertheless, Doomraiser incorporate Funeral-esque passages which contrast well with the rest of the music, giving a very dark impression. But I must remark that as far as originally should be concerned, I haven't heard much in this album that I haven't heard before from other bands. This isn't entirely a problem, but it is something worth mentioning because Doom is a very fluid and transcending genre, and therefore any originality should be praised in my view. Some interesting things are incorporated, and this is done in an adequate way, yet not in any manner which I believe would separate the album from others by any significance.

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Reviewer's rating: 8.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Addiction
2. Mirror of Pain
3. Ascension: 6 to 7
4. Apophis
5. In Winter
6. Dio Inverso

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

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Reviewed on 2015-12-13 by Dani Alisée
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