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Halter : For The Abandoned

Halter's sophomore is a bleak and crushing gem of Death/Doom.

Halter hail from the cold murky depths of Russia. They play a mixture of Death/Doom and Funeral Doom. This is their second full length following up from 2013's 'Omnipresence of Rat Race'. It's been released by Moscow Funeral League Records.

This is powerful stuff. If you love your riffs polished with a sledgehammer then look no further. From the opening song you know this is a serious production and it does not disappoint. The guitar sounds are heavy, gloomy and dark. You feel each chug ripping away at your senses. I went back and listened to their last album 'Omnipresence of Rat Race' to see if improvement had been made and I would say they have moved on to a new level with this offering.

Track four 'Pain Which Never Sleeps' has great variation and I love the fact they use the bass as almost a lead on some parts. You just want to swallow a bottle of Jack Daniels or your favourite beverage and totally fuck your neck muscles up.

The vocals compound the misery and don't let up, driving each song along in between gigantic structures of doom. A lot of well oiled fret boards have laid blood to these riffs. Harmonies and tempos change, giving each song a different feel.

What I love most is the clean production and mix. Each instrument is allowed to breathe and paint a picture of sorrow. You could compare them to a few bands Evoken, early My Dying Bride (for the lead guitars). I hear a lot of elements that remind me of other bands but it is in no way copied and the music has its own identity.

'Ode to the Abandoned' is the longest and the last track on the album. Beautiful piano opens the track, followed by majestic lead guitars and bass. This is such a wonderful end to the album with great solos and harmonies that ooze Doom throughout.

In Halter we have a band who I think will only get better. If you love heavy riffs and well thought out music then this is a must. For now sit back and feast your appetite on this gem.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. …Of The Part Of Nature
2. Hunter's Brotherhood
3. First Snow
4. Pain Which Never Sleeps
5. Keepers Of Persistent War
6. Ode To The Abandoned

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes

Visit the Halter bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-03-06 by Riccardo Veronese
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