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The Whorehouse Massacre : Altar Of The Goat Skull/VI

Pan-generic The Whorehouse Massacre might strike a chord with you, if you like your Sludge raw and unrefined.

The Whorehouse Massacre use clinical guitar sound, sharp production and a one-dimensional approach to music (i.e. the primitivity attitude); their form of Metal (metal?) is neither appealing nor appalling, and here lies the problem: when self-proclaimed extreme music takes a middle road without choosing sides, without BEING extreme, without causing any reaction - good or bad - inside the listener's outer shell, reaching the metaphysical that's in the core of each and every one of us - when music fails to do all that, well, that's a problem.

But this album is not that bad, at least not after listening to it carefully and thoroughly, letting the ears get accustomed to the alien and hostile sound and to the familiarity of the songs, which bear a (purposeful?) non-originality. If you look beyond the first couple of minutes of playing time, you might be surprised how good some parts of that album are.

To these ears, TWM's music sounds like a mix between Today Is The Day and 'Chainsaw Dismemberment'-era Mortician (sans the high-pitched screeches of the former and the guttural belches and speed of the latter), with some Drug Honkey and Australian The Dead chunks thrown into the mix. The sound is poignant and its aroma pungent; the orchestration absolutely minimal, keeping only the essentials; the songs primitive, simplistic and linear, incorporating repetitive riffs ad nauseam - and yet, the whole album is strangely satisfying and peculiarly 'atmospheric'. Once you are thinking you could never enjoy such a primeval simplicity - echoing so many other bands - you are being proved wrong by the devouring, razor-shap sound and the super-effective "melodies".

Playing the same quasi-melody over and over again, TWM like to recycle the same note progression once a decent melody has been established, and that very melody keeps on circling in a loop throughout the song's better part, in every song.That's the main modus operandi of this Canadian sludgy, crusty, Doom-laden, Noise-rock/Stoner/Death Metal band. It's one of those non-pure breed albums that establish a singular sound/style by sounding like everybody else yet mixing all the influences in such a manner, that ultimately that hybrid, that sonic mongrel, sounds like nothing out there - spawning a personal aesthetic.

You could say there's a massive Black Sabbath and EyeHateGod influence here, but you could also say there's some Hardcore punk here as well as Industrial Death metal; you would be correct with every assumption, because TWM touch upon every style situated in the farthest, lowest, crudest location on the scale - and yet, it's sort of fun to listen to this album (actually two albums pressed onto one CD), due to the very fact the songs - however dull in scope and layers - are well crafted and the style of music is a breath of fresh (or stale) air.

The Whorehouse Massacre's music is unique but not groundbreaking; the recording's production has incredibly heightened the band's sharp sound and no-frills powerful delivery of caustic sounds from the pits of the Earth. A marriage between industry, death and tradition, this Canadian band have something up their sleeve everybody should keep an eye on. Anyone who's into experimenting with the notion what would happen if Mortician ever tried to cover Black Sabbath songs - well, this recording might just be the answer to this inconsequential question. Try the album for yourselves - you might just get hooked, but then again, you might not...

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Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Indignation
2. A.C.S.-4
3. A.C.S.-3
4. Buried In Darkness
5. Altar Of The Goat Skull
6. The Black Coast
7. Sewer Dreams
8. Big Mouth
9. Bowels Of Hell
10. End Of Mankind
11. Sassy Pants (Sloth Cover)
12. The Temples Of Perdition
13. SOB Story

Duration : Approx. 45 minutes

Visit the The Whorehouse Massacre bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-03-13 by Chaim Drishner
Aesthetic Death
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