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Poezd Rodina : Frozen Tranquility (Split with Funeral Tears)

Poezd Rodina and Funeral Tears jointly show glimpses of Funeral Doom promise.

’Frozen Tranquility’ is a split between Поезд Родина (often presented in transliterated form Poezd Rozina) and Funeral Tears. Both projects come from the cold fronts of Russia, released through labels Metallic Media and Symbol Of Domination Productions. Each band offers us three tracks of blackened harrowing bleakness. I listened to the split and then again to the three songs separately to get the vibe of each band.

So firstly let's start with Поезд Родина. They are a two-man project from Russia and Ukraine. They are quite a young band, and from previous work this shows a lot more maturity in both songwriting and musical content. The tracks have more atmosphere and there are some really nice clean guitar parts and piano that open up your ears and allow you to drift away to some forgotten place. The rhythm guitars are heavy and slow, accompanied by dreamy hypnotic keyboards. These atmospheric parts are like a morbid horror film.

The vocals are deep with powerful grunts and painful screams that sit well within the music, which is crushing and harrowing - and production-wise it's not bad. They have improved loads from previous work, so I can only assume this will be something that grows as they do musically. Some parts get a bit lost in the mix - whether it's guitar, bass or vocals - so more separation could be added in future, but the drums help express the overall feeling and are well balanced.

First impressions are that it's nothing magical or new. The leads, maybe, could offer something different from the normal stuff you hear on this type of music, but it's still a solid enough three songs.

Funeral Tears is a project by Nikolay Seredov. This is another melancholy Funeral Doom of despair. Out of the two bands I prefer Funeral Tears to Poezd Rodina, The approach is a suffocating mix of heaviness that leaves its mark. The sound quality is super and I think they have hit the nail on the head with it. Everything flows really well.

I could only fault the music on one part. There is one point in 'Eternal Tranquility' where a guitar lead is repeated. It's quite high in the mix and goes on, for me, far too long. After a while it really put me off the music and I was glad when the track finished so I could reset my ears. Some bands can master this, when a melody repeats itself throughout most of the song, but the sound should be buried in the mix if it has no change and is just one stabbing note. But that's just my personal opinion.

'Hope' is my favourite song of the bunch. The intro is crafted from the darkest parts of a depressive soul. Spoken voice gently soothes within before tortuous screams ascend. What song could not be complete without the obligatory chimes of bells ringing as the lead guitars dreamily fill the heavier riffs?

Overall, both bands give us glimpses of promise. Eastern Europe and Russia are coming more and more into the forefront of Doom and all its genres. I don't know how many bands that I have listened to this year alone from Russia but it's thriving. I think it's about to get a little colder!!!!

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Поезд Родина: Ледяная Голгофа
2. Funeral Tears: Разливая по венам усталость
3. Поезд Родина: Всего лишь смерть
4. Funeral Tears: Eternal Tranquility
5. Поезд Родина: Мертві квіти
6. Funeral Tears: Hope

Visit the Funeral Tears bandpage.

Duration : Approx. 53 minutes

Visit the Poezd Rodina bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-03-20 by Riccardo Veronese
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