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Throbbing and brooding traditional doom-metal with a resemblance to C.O.C., Trouble or Fu Manchu. Heavily influenced by Black Sabbath
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Ocean Of Grief : Fortress Of My Dark Self (EP)

An excellent classically melodic Death/Doom debut from Greek band Ocean Of Grief.

Released through GS Productions, this is their first production and it comes in the form of an EP. Six members are in this band, and they hail from Athens in Greece. Ocean of Grief itself was formed in 2014 and the music can be described as Melodic Doom/Death metal.

From the first track on the EP, ‘Spiritual Fortress’, you can tell this will be something special to listen to. The little changes in the bass drum patterns created by Thomas Motsios at the start show attention to detail and a different feel for each melody structure. The guitars are crushing, and production overall is fantastic. Lead guitars are very prominent in their music and gracefully carry each song.

‘House of Misery’ is a thing of beauty. The melodies run through your very veins. The acoustic guitar in the background is mournful and depressing in nature. The leads are very moving in this track and you almost get a feeling of absence, as if your soul is wandering away to some distant forgotten place. The structure builds perfectly and the double bass drums pound away. This is by far my favourite track. Draconian in feel, I'm amazed how well this is put together.

Keys are used at the right time. Not overpowering or at the front, they add to the balance and give a little warmth and depth to the music: subtle changes at the right time. The songs themselves are not long, all around the five minute mark. This is spot on, as you sweep through each song and feel like you have to listen to the whole EP again, as it's such a work of enjoyable Doom.

The vocals are as you would expect: I feel the emotion and sorrow cutting through. I like the fact as well that on Bandcamp you also have the lyrics, which carry you on a totally different journey and add more to the music. For me, I seem to always feel the music more when reading lyrics, and I often listen to the music first and then read the lyrics the second time around to take in a real sense of what the songs actually mean. Charalabos Babis Oikonomopoulos does a great job on the vocals.

It's been a pleasure to listen to this EP. What a full album will hold is anyone's guess, but the foundation has now been laid for something big. I'm really looking forward to it and hope they can carry on the theme and style of this monument of Doom.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Spiritual Fortress
2. House Of Misery
3. Futile Regrets
4. Drowned In Nostalgia
5. The Birth Of Chaos

Duration : Approx. 27 minutes

Visit the Ocean Of Grief bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-06-06 by Riccardo Veronese
Aesthetic Death
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