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Innerborée : Celestial Genealogy, Birth of a Mountain (EP)

Innerborée's brief debut is lugubrious, dynamically varied and satisfying.

Innerborée's one-track EP titled, 'Celestial Genealogy, Birth of a Mountain' goes to show that a twenty-two minute song cannot be judged by its intro. When the EP began, it suffices to say that I was not drawn in; I’d heard similar intros before, but then the arrangement filled itself out and I began to smile.

Despite the title’s lack of the Oxford Comma, the lone track ‘The Dawn, The Zenith And The Twilight’ is a fantastic collection of verses, some of which I enjoyed more than others. The EP is a lugubrious piece of music, one that is dynamically varied and satisfying. In fact, the variety almost guarantees that even if you don’t like the section of the song you’re hearing, you’ll like the next one in just a few minutes.

Vocals oscillate between low growls and haunting female melodies, sometimes played together at the same time. Evoking a sense of despair, no vocal part draws too much attention to itself, giving the piece a sense of unity. The riffs change, but the mood doesn’t. There is no anger on this album - at least to my ear - just a feeling of helplessness. An image of trying in vain to find someone lost in the fog came to mind during most of the EP’s duration. Adding to the varied, but focused feeling this piece exhibits are instrument effects, such as bells, chimes, and shrill synth melodies. These play more so in the second half of the EP, and I found their placement tasteful. Their presence was abundant enough to be noticed, but not overbearing, as they usually only appeared to bridge different sections together, or to give the ending of a certain section an extra bit of flair.

I must add that towards the end of the EP, the lone track began to feel as if it was losing its sense of structure. The last few minutes don’t carry the fluidity of the earlier parts, and it’s a curious thing that Innerborée decided to release this all as one track. There’s nothing wrong with long songs, but this one sounds as if it’s three different songs mashed together. The ending is certainly incongruous with the beginning, but this is also a matter of taste, and hardly affects my overall impression of the work.

Overall, I found 'Celestial Genealogy, Birth of a Mountain' to be a well put together lamentation, one that satisfied my penchant for tragic sounding melodies. My favorite aspects of the EP were the clean, female vocals that were pervasive throughout the song, and the melodic riffs in the first half that illustrated a sense of panic, but one coupled with abject sadness. I would recommend Innerborée to fans of the band Bell Witch, and the one-man Russian doom project, Funeral Tears.

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Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. The Dawn, The Zenith And The Twilight

Duration : Approx. 22 minutes

Visit the Innerborée bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-07-20 by Alex Drozd
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