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Conjurer : I (EP)

The UK's Conjurer debut with a a rip-roaring smorgasbord of pummelling sludgy noise.

There's a brief minute or so on the first track of this EP where it could go any which way. After said minute though, the bludgeoning begins. Conjurer, it has to be said, do not beat about the bush. Much. There are a few suprising moments of calm amongst the stormy waters, but for the main, this is passionate and heart felt, Post-core Metal. It's also rather heavy. So far so good.

Despite a thoroughly modern sound overall, there are some old-skool stylings cleverly worked into the stormy waters of Conjurer's musical crucible. Imagine the stoicism of Vision of Disorder side by side with the chaos of Converge. Or the sadly-no-more Johnny Truant jamming with Process of Guilt. It's big and ballsy for sure, and whatever the resultant din might wilfully class itself as, the outcome is a rip-roaring smorgasbord of pummelling sludgy noise. There are also some twin-guitar flourishes here and there which are, in all honesty, the icing on the cake.

If opening track 'Behold the Swine' is a kind of upbeat, mosh-friendly call to arms, then subsequent offering, 'Scorn', is a far harsher beast to deal with. Discordant tones and a choppy rhythm don't mean for one minute this will be an easy ride. However, 'A Chasm Forged in Dread and Disarray' blends both these sentiments into one, and appears boisterously disquieting and yet melodically pleasing at the same time. The band jump from quiet breakdowns, back and forth, into raw passion with effortless musicality, which by the time the EP rumbles to its conclusion, has evidently played itself out as Conjurer's defining trademark. The final track begins in the vein of Pallbearer but doesn't stay there for long. The vocals, which tread a fine line between a familiar Post-Metal/Hardcore shout and a dirtier Death Metal growl, help to tear Conjurer a monstrous identity all of their own. 'Frail' plods slowly and remorsefully along until about halfway through when it errupts with blast beats and a stirringly melodic guitar orchestration. Double bass pedals take us towards a slower, sludgier conclusion.

And that's it. Four tracks of the finest 'Metal' I've heard in quite a while, frankly. If you thought Rorcal's latest offering was all too one dimensional, and Process of Guilt have lost their sullen charm a little, then this little EP might be just the ticket. It's an absolute belter.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Behold The Swine
2. Scorn
3. A Chasm Forged In Dread And Disarray
4. Frail

Duration : Approx. 23 minutes

Visit the Conjurer bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-07-20 by Matt Halsey
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