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Eggr : Volume Null (EP)

A good solid debut EP mixing psychedelic Sludge/Doom and Black Metal from Danes Eggr.

Eggr are a Danish band offering us a EP of psychedelic proportions. It's varied and carries elements of Sludge/Doom and Black Metal. Don't expect a long EP as this is brief in nature. Twenty minutes or so only really gives us a glimpse of what this band is about.

Volume Null consists of three songs. It's a mixture of sludgy riffs with sparse vocals. I found some of the riffs reminiscent of other bands, and you can see influences every now and again. They retain their own identity and some of the music is good to get your neck muscles working.

'Void (There......Is......Nothing)' is the first up and it's a drum intro that whets your appetite for the first minute with subtle bass notes. The guitars arrive and are sludgy and drawn out. The effect makes them like a long winding road that never ends. Even in the faster riffs they still keep that same feel. It's a different style and mood that seems to work with the well thought out drums. They are quite busy and add pace and dynamics to the guitars. The separation is good in the guitars allowing the central vocal growls to pummel your ear drums.

A break comes in earlier than expected, at around three minutes. Strings and ambient noises cross paths for a few minutes, leaving us contemplating, before an explosion of fast riffs and drums carry us forward towards oblivion.

Second track is 'Naught (Rejection of Morals, Ethics and Values)'. This is straight in your face, fast paced and brutal. The riffs themselves are not complicated but work well with the slamming snare, and overall the riffs are more slower and meatier. There are some great relaxed slow parts which fit the band perfectly, and something they should explore more. This is where I really seemed to feel their music and enjoyed shutting myself down and drifting away.

Last up is 'Nadir (Endless, Boundless, Hell-Hole)'; this is classic sludgy Doom. A great opening riff leads to big power chords. Vocals descend from some dark hole. The riffs are more catchy in this song and there is a nice piano break to mix everything up.

A good solid EP. I think there is much to look forward to in the future of this band. Just listening to the last part of 'Nadir' gives me a great hope that they will take the slower path going forward, because they do it ever so well.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Void (There... Is... Nothing)
2. Naught (Rejection of Morals, Ethics, and Values)
3. Nadir (Endless.Boundless.Hell-Hole)

Duration : Approx. 24 minutes

Visit the Eggr bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-10-31 by Riccardo Veronese
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