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Ayashinan : Feretrum Dimissum (Split compilation with Serpentis Ensemble)

Compiling three EPs/demos by Ayashinan and Serpentis Ensemble, this is a good value Peruvian Funeral package.

Here we have a compilation of one EP and two demos. There is a lot to digest within these three works. The EP 'Luna De Los Muertos' was recorded and mixed in the winter of 2009 at Macrow Studios in Peru, and self-released by the band Ayashinan. The two demos are both from Serpentis Ensemble. Both bands are Peruvian, in the style of Funeral Doom music. More information can be found at GS Productions Bandcamp page.

So, we start with Ayashinan - 'Luna De Los Muertos'. 'Letania' is a short intro, like something out of a horror film. It has that suspense vibe running through it, and builds a picture for what is to crawl out from the rotten ground.

'Lamento Cataro' is sixteen minutes long. Keys again ride high in the mix. Vocals are dark and the growls bite at your heels. The guitars are long and drawn out. The distortion sound is quite delicate but blends nicely in with the strings. They are not too high in the mix, but the overwhelming pres-ence is the keys. The bass has some nice melodies and a clean warm feel to it. Even though this has a somewhat darkened horror feel to it, it is still, however, quite soothing. The pace picks up a bit, which is welcome, before then sinking into a well of unhappiness. Spoken words chime over piano and bass. We float helplessly through time and space before venturing our way back to deathly growls.

The last song is the eighteen minute 'Tempus Quo Memoria Moriatur', which keeps in the same vein as the other tracks. The drums could have had a bit more variation for me, and maybe a really strong couple of riffs - to really make you sit up and notice the songs - but it's still a strong EP. You feel they have more to offer, and you want to dig deeper to see what you can unearth, but it never quite reaches that epic status.

Serpentis Ensemble - 'The Martian Face' is up next. Three songs making three parts: 'Face Of Sidonia Part I, II and III'. The production on this is a lot better, and it has great depth to it. The bass is high in the mix and really drives the songs along. This again is depressing in nature, but I like the feel and sadness of it. In moments it captivates you and awakens inner thoughts of long forgotten memories.

Organs grind away in part lll. I'm wondering if the snare could have had a little more bite to it. It felt a bit thin for me. Piano once again gives us a beautiful rendition of times past. A thoughtful end to this demo. Everything about this production was a lot better through the mix and mastering. A complete step up. It transposes itself really well, and lets the listener savour every moment.

Lastly we have Serpentis Ensemble - 'Offrande A La Mort'. 'Ofrenda A La Muerte' is a long song, over thirteen minutes. It has a mix of growls and screams and rather macabre piano that stabs at your skin. The drums plod along, but I do feel the need for a change of some sort that never arrives, so you're left with the longing for something else. Again the mix and production is to a good standard, and I left enough space in between listening to each work to get a good feel for each work.

'Leucatos Del Atardecer' is another sombre tale: you can easily imagine these songs in a film, painting a tragic scene or a remembrance of some sort. Pianos play the main role and are accompanied by mournful clean vocals. This song I really like, and its one of my favourites from the nine songs. It was a great experience to hear Peruvian Funeral Doom, and one I will delve into a little bit more.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
Disc One
Ayashinan - 'Luna De Los Muertos'
1. Letania
2. Lamento Cataro
3. Tempus Quo Memoria Moriatur

Disc Two
Serpentis Ensemble - 'The Martian Face'
4. Face Of Sidonia Part I
5. Face Of Sidonia Part II
6. Face Of Sidonia Part III
Serpentis Ensemble - 'Offrande A La Mort'
7. Salmo Funebre VII
8. Ofrenda A La Muerte
9. Leucatos Del Atardecer

Visit the Serpentis Ensemble bandpage.

Duration : Approx. 93 minutes

Visit the Ayashinan bandpage.

Reviewed on 2016-12-15 by Riccardo Veronese
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