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Rezn : Let It Burn

Chicago's Rezn appear with a fully-formed debut offering a refreshing and unique take on Psych Doom.

Rezn are a fresh new band from Chicago that seemed to have just popped up out of nowhere. With no prior demo releases, they have self-produced and released this first album, 'Let it Burn'. Topped off with a fantastic cover art, the music within sounds as if it has come from a band with experience. With a crystal clear sound recording, well-nuanced lines for each instrument, and an all encompassing atmosphere, 'Let it Burn' is easily a contender for one of the best Doom albums of the year.

'Let it Burn' breathes new life into the realm of Psychedelic/Stoner Doom Metal. It's a style that has become flooded with bands that show their appreciation for weed, worship for Sabbath riffs, and heavy usage of fuzz pedals. Although there are plenty of decent bands within the style, it doesn't take long to start feeling as if there are too many bands in the style that sound exactly the same.

What ultimately helps Rezn stand out among these groups is their atmosphere. Though the riffs are heavy and their love for weed is pretty obvious (doesn't the band name give it away?), the basis of their sound relies heavily on creating a hypnotic vibe that is ethereal and otherworldly. The riffs are thick with fuzz and move like a freight train, with thunderous bass lines which never get too buried beneath the loudness of the guitar. The drums are active, aggressive, and never stick to repetitive patterns. There are a lot of psychedelic sounding clean guitar passages, as well as the welcome addition of sitar on occasion.

The vocals are easily my favorite component to the music. I see that two of the members are credited as doing vocals, so I believe we are looking at two different lead vocalists. One vocalist sounds a bit more androgynous, with a very high and ethereal tone. The other has a slightly deeper, more masculine voice. The best distinction can be made on fifth track 'Harvest the Void', in which the two different registers alternate throughout the track. Both vocalists have a nice bit of reverb on their voices, making them sound dreamy and even angelic at times. It's a refreshing approach, considering how a more gravelly and nasal style of singing is more commonplace in this form of music (more often than not, mimicking Ozzy Osbourne).

Another aspect that I think is great about this album is how well-nuanced it is. Every song has its own unique quirks and twists, and every time I listen to the album, I notice something new that I hadn't realized was there such as a bass line, vocal melody, or drum fill. There is so much in each of these songs that will jump out to you, and with how smoothly the album flows, you will end up kind of falling into a trance from the spacey, consuming atmosphere that Rezn manages to create.

Overall, I have to say I really love 'Let it Burn' and will be keeping it on replay for a while. I can't really think of any drawbacks or negatives to the sound. If anything, my only complaint is that it's only available as a digital download, and not yet on CD or vinyl! Really, though, this is a refreshing and unique take on Psych Doom that has a sound that I haven't really heard from any other band. There are little bits of Alice in Chains, Sleep, and Yob scattered here and there, but more than anything, this is a sound that Rezn have made completely on their own. Not only would I recommend it to fans of Psych/Stoner Doom, but also to those who feel bored with the genre and want to hear something fresh. You won't be disappointed.

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Reviewer's rating: 10/10


Tracklist :
1. Relax
2. Wake
3. Dread
4. Rezurrection
5. Harvest The Void
6. Pipe Dream
7. The Creature
8. Fall Into The Sky
9. Orbit
10. Astral Stage

Duration : Approx. 59 minutes

Visit the Rezn bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-03-27 by Dante DuVall
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