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Funeralium : Of Throes And Blight

Brutal, huge, fantastic - Funeralium deliver a monstrous slab of utter pulverising darkness.

This is Funeralium's third full-length release. Over five years of waiting is over as ’Of Throes and Blight’ descends upon us. Not since ’Deceived Idealism’ came out have I been to a darker place than this. ‘Slowly We Crawl Towards Crumbs’ is the lead-in 27 minute track. This is a monstrous opening of sickness and depression. These guys are from France, and after listening to this I don't think they will find any cure for their ailments: they are doomed. Big riffs and whaling torturous vocals crush the life out of you. The riffs are just heavy and don't go to any real melodic state, but just add to the anguish. When you feel the slowness of the music you wonder how they can even reach 27 minutes.

We are left naked and exposed through acoustic passages. Quiet spoken parts float between your ears, before we are once again engulfed. The tempo however changes, and we run to try and escape the pain. The steady rhythm of the drums keeps you in a hypnotic trance. We are treated again to a more obscure quiet passage. Absolutely not for the faint hearted. Once the first song is over you think: what the fuck have I just come through? It's a feeling of bewilderment and while you try to reason with what just went through your ears, part of you wants to get the straitjacket back on and join the band.

Next up is a beautiful title. ‘Spit At My Face, I Will Pluck Your Tongue Out’. This is definitely not customer service!! There is no let up in the music at all. The production is first-class. Vocals need a special mention, as they are driving the whole thing forward. When the riffs are this long and open you really need to have the presence to capture the listener from the first word. Asmael is a master at this. The texture and anguish he is able to deliver sends shudders through you. They have got the recording spot on.

‘Vermin’, at just under ten minutes, is shorter but gives you time to breathe. Slow deathly chimes only hold back the unfolding of sorrow, horror and twisted thoughts. Locked away in my hell hole of a chamber I long for light, hope, something other then the blackened bleakness that succumbs my soul. This is how I feel listening to the sound of Funeralium.

‘Vanishing Once And For All’ ends the album. A 32 minute monstrosity. Your ears by this point have been punished too much to absorb this. It's almost another mini EP. The quiet parts seldom last, but bring some reprieve to one's mind. Twin harmonies, when they come in, are again slow but add some weight of evil to the melodies. The bass is heavy and just adds the perfect amount of deep resonance that pulverises everything in its wake.

If I'm going to listen to this album, I will absolutely listen to it in two halves - otherwise I may never recover - and should still have a bottle of anti-depressants at the ready! Fantastic work again by these guys. Everything from the mix and mastering to the packaging is perfect for me. If you like having your guts ripped out and eaten whilst you watch, then this will be for you to devour.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
Disc 1
1. Slowly We Crawl Towards Crumbs
2. Spit At My Face, I Will Pluck Your Tongue Out
Disc 2
3. Vermin
4. Vanishing Once And For All

Duration : Approx. 94 minutes

Visit the Funeralium bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-05-30 by Riccardo Veronese
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