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Hollow Leg : Murder (EP)

A short but compellingly furious blast of groove-filled, sludgy energy: Hollow Leg's latest offering.

Florida's Hollow Leg return after the success of 2016's critically acclaimed full-length album, 'Crown' with a tantalisingly short new EP, their first recording to feature new drummer, John Stewart. With the aforementioned 'Crown' being reissued this month, momentum is building for these Southern groovemasters. The 'Murder' EP features a brace of new tracks that will surely add to the band's burgeoning reputation.

A sludgy, bluesy beast of an EP, it's the sound of a band hitting their stride with an insouciant swagger in their gait. 'Raven' is a masterclass in groove-laden, badass Americana; a potent cocktail of Sludge, Doom, and Stoner Metal with a liberal dose of primal heavy blues adding to the intoxicating mix. Harsh, screamed vocals that could strip the paint from your walls compliment an infectious riff that will have you tapping your foot, nodding your head, or otherwise getting down, before you even know you're doing it.

Following on from a very strong opener, 'Murder' takes things to another level. It is, frankly, probably the best new track I've heard in 2017. If I hear any new material as good as this before the bells toll on New Year's Eve, I will consider myself very fortunate indeed. An outstanding riff drives the song forward; bluesy and swaggering, it takes the listener on a journey into the Badlands of the South. There's a dark, brooding feel to it; a genuine air of danger and menace. Wild and feral, with a jaw-droppingly heavy and infectious riff and some hypnotic, atmospheric soloing, it's a journey into the darkness that lies within us and around us.

Only the relative brevity of this release prevents a perfect score. The 'Murder' EP is a walk on the wild side that promises more great things to come from this band. A furious blast of groove-filled, sludgy energy.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Raven
2. Murder

Duration : Approx. 13 minutes

Visit the Hollow Leg bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-08-02 by Nick Harkins
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