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Clouds Of Dementia : Seventh Seal (EP)

Perhaps a little too familiar to really stand out, this Trad debut is nonetheless solid.

'Seventh Seal' is Clouds of Dementia's first release; this EP will take many fans back to the old days of classic Doom Metal. It is independently released and consists of 5 members from France. The opening song 'Welcome' starts with a powerful riff following on with chanting vocals provided by Jujux. They try to recall all the old ingredients of past Doom masterpieces and bring them into this EP. Bass is sludgy and high in the mix. Guitar solos flow nicely into the song. No big standout riffs or catchy hooks. It just flows along and is something that sounds familiar, easy on the ear.

'All My Prayers' is again slow and hypnotic. Newer bands like Alunah spring to mind when you listen to the rhythmic melodies and vocal lines. The guitar tone is sludgy and slightly fuzzy but still carries enough power. A bass interlude cuts into the song before a fast paced solo and riff take centre stage. It's a nice twist that changes tempo and direction but does not last long enough. This is Traditional Doom Metal through and through.

'Seventh Seal' has a nice quiet opening. It's a faster paced song and even has a feel of rawness to it like early Iron Maiden songs. I feel it just lacks something to really make it stand out. Last song 'My Friends' closes the EP. Twin harmonies and chuggy riffs pulsate through this song. Maybe as this EP closes this is one too many 'old worship' albums for my ears.

They have their own identity but nothing really kicks you in the nuts. The production is good. Sound-wise it works. The drums have great variation and presence the bass conjures great melodies. Vocals are OK but lack great strength. When you expect them to explode they miss the higher notes, the power to really get the blood flowing which is a shame. It's still a strong opening debut. Lets hope they really expand and have the confidence to take the music forward.

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Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Welcome
2. All My Prayers
3. Seventh Seal
4. Love Song
5. My Friends

Duration : Approx. 35 minutes

Visit the Clouds Of Dementia bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-09-26 by Riccardo Veronese
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