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The White Swan : The White (EP)

Short, sweet and individual, 'The White' may not be as adventurous as its predecessor, but it's worth a listen.

The White Swan is a 3-piece band from London of Ontario, Canada. Officially formed in 2016, they have already released two EPs. The first one, 'Anubis', was released in 2016 while this one, 'The White', was released in June 2017. Both were initially digital independent releases but now they have also been released together as a split vinyl under War Crime Recordings.

The musicians behind these albums are well known in the Canadian scene. Mercedes Lander, who launched the band, is known as the drummer in the nu-metal act Kittie, which enjoyed a wide success and had a back catalogue of five albums. Mercedes is now singing, playing guitar, drums and is also credited for synths (present in the first EP). She has teamed up with Kira Longleuay who plays the bass and guitarist Shane Jeffers. Kira has already released a solo album and performs acoustic sessions. Shane is also a member of Progressive Death Metal Bloodmoon Collective. Kira and Mercedes are also members of the punk rock band The Alcohollys.

'The White' EP delivers three songs at 18 minutes. The album kicks off with a lengthy instrumental, which conjures images of walking at a steady pace through the mud of North Carolina, boots sinking in the mud. Female vocals are introduced in the second track and some sweet melodies emerge to give an extra dimension to the EP.

The band sounds super tight and heavy, the riffs are true to the stoner doom genre and the vocals on the two tracks are clean and trippy. The vocals have a melodic quality, especially in the middle track 'Lions' and the band avoids the trap of using monotonous vocals, such as singing one long vowel typically at the tonic note of the piece. The production is good and clear and has a live feel to it. On the downside, it seems that few risks were taken in this EP regarding the compositions. Personally, I think that 'Anubis' was bolder.

Overall this is a very solid short release, slightly different production-wise from their previous work 'Anubis' that has a darker feeling, but definitely on the same path. The band has established their style, a blend of sludgy Doom riffs and steady groove rhythms with clean melodic female vocals. While waiting for their first full length effort, this work is definitely worth listening.

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Reviewer's rating: 6/10


Tracklist :
1. North Carolina
2. Lions
3. The White

Duration : Approx. 18 minutes

Visit the The White Swan bandpage.

Reviewed on 2017-12-18 by Nick Kelaidis
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