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As Autumn Calls : Resignation (EP)

As Autumn Calls don't reinvent any wheels, but they do produce quality atmospheric Death/Doom.

'Resignation' was my first experience of Canadian Doom outfit As Autumn Calls and itís unlikely to be my last because I like what I hear. Besides, when you factor in that theyíve been around for thirteen years but have only made four releases, I think itís fair to say that theyíve embraced the true nature of Doom by taking things very slowly indeed - and I like that!

Cards on the table - I wouldnít say that As Autumn Callsís music is new, per se. Thereís no element of it that I havenít heard before, which I think you can say about most bands nowadays. However, what the release lacked in uniqueness it made up for by being a very polished and enjoyable production.

Essentially, what youíve got here is a band that discovered Mourning Beloveth and liked what they heard, in my opinion. Who can blame them? They may not be as vaunted as My Dying Bride, Anathema, and Paradise Lost in the Death/Doom spectrum but I consider the Irish band an extremely important part of the 2000-onward Doom "movement", if you will. What As Autumns Calls do is bring a very similar atmosphere to Mourning Beloveth although it cannot be said that theyíre a carbon copy; the guitar work is a bit more uplifting and the music is more measured and patient. Most of those characteristics may not sound very "Doomy" but it does work rather well on this release, particularly as they donít enter the almost romantic world of bands like Novembre.

In terms of their approach, there is certainly more Doom Metal than Death Metal on show from As Autumn Calls here. They may lack clean vocals on most of their tracks but still dabble from time to time. I would not describe this as an aggressive Death/Doom release because itís not. Itís more atmospheric than that, which I find interesting. Indeed, at times Iím almost reminded of Tristitiaís 'Garden Of Darkness' in that sense, although I still maintain that the Canadians have taken most of their "lessons" from Mourning Beloveth here.

Thereís one confusing element to this release, which is the repeated tracks - 'Isolation', 'Emotionless', and 'Resignation' respectively. Thereís no explanation for them being on this EP although it does state on the inlay that the latter three songs were taken from their debut EP - 'Emotionless'. Presumably they were included as some kind of comparison, given that 'Resignation' was released some eight years later. To me, thereís very little difference between the duplicate tracks other than that the latter tracks on this disc unsurprisingly sound...well, older. For example, the mixing doesnít seem quite as polished. Suffice to say that I donít really understand why they were included on what is essentially a five track EP.

Overall, I do like this release. Itís not going to be everybodyís cup of tea because there arenít enough aggressive bursts. However, itís got an almost relaxing atmosphere that I enjoy and if any kind of Doom could be described as "easy-listening" or "relaxing" then this release would fall into that category. I think that fans of bands like Mourning Beloveth, The Prophecy, and maybe even Novembers Doom would find some atmospheric merit in this release.

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Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Isolation
2. Emotionless
3. Suffering
4. Resignation
5. Soulless
6. Isolation
7. Emotionless
8. Resignation

Duration : Approx. 64 minutes

Visit the As Autumn Calls bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-01-09 by Ian Morrissey
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