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Cruthu : The Angle Of Eternity

A superbly-executed variant on a familiar theme raises Cruthu's debut full-length well out of the 'sincere imitation' class.

'The Angle Of Eternity' has a little of everything that's good and proper about Retro (Stoner) rock, and Proto Doom. Perhaps erring a tad more towards the Rock end of the spectrum rather than the Doom, there is however, more than enough heavy groove in Cruthu's music to raise the eyebrows of Purple Hill Witch fans, whilst at the same time keeping Goatess devotees enthralled with their looser, psyche-tinged jams. Throw in a convincing vocal, ably suited to the early sounds of Grand Magus, and the picture is more or less complete.

'Bog of Kildare', which opens the show, is essentially a straightforward homage to the truncated finger tips of Tony Iommi. As is much of the recording. But, as the album progresses, Cruthu begin to develop their own sound out of the Stoner/Retro template. It's a subtle blend of old and newer influences that builds a (long) bridge from the likes of Pagan Altar, to Trouble, Vitus et al, and on again to Lord Vicar. The track 'Seance', for example, shows just how far they've developed musically since the initial Demo release back in 2014. Far less derivative, and less still about the occult-flavoured whimsy, 'The Angle of Eternity' is far more direct and to the point overall. Both lyrically, and musically. It is also superbly executed.

If Stoner or Proto Doom is your thing. If you only trust yourself and those first six Black Sabbath albums. Or, if you like a certain amount of obscure '70s rock and Stoner Metal at large, then Michigan's Cruthu really ought to be on your radar. Actually, if all of the above is pertinent, then they probably already are. The album is out now on the Church Within label, so it is highly unlikely to have passed most Trad/Retro/Proto enthusiasts by in a hurry. Much of this review will be a fairly simple case of preaching to the converted, but we will of course, have to ignore the heretics standing up at the back shouting all their usual tired nonsense... As far as debut albums go, though, this is a real treat.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Bog Of Kildare
2. Lady In The Lake
3. Seance
4. From The Sea
5. Separated From The Herd
6. The Angle Of Eternity

Duration : Approx. 37 minutes

Visit the Cruthu bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-07-29 by Matt Halsey
Aesthetic Death
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