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Jesu : Silver (EP)

Revisiting this early '00s EP reinforces the view that Jesu's first few releases remain essential Doom listening.

The history of Jesu is best told elsewhere. I will say that I hold it in higher regard than Broadrick's main outlet, Godflesh. To me, Jesu is simply heavier and more emotionally involved than Godflesh.

This EP starts out fairly hopeful with its ascending chord structure. The first song, 'Silver', happily plods along at a moderately slow pace. The melody is amazing and it really gives the song a purpose. If memory serves this was the first recording where Justin used a 7 string guitar, a tactic he typically reserves for live outings. I love how it makes this whole endeavor feel extra heavy. 'Star' is an unlikely song in that it's so upbeat and happy. It's heavy, it's fun and it fits the overall tone of the EP. This is the fastest of the four tracks. There is an underlying sinister twist if you take the lyrics into account. 'Wolves' is the bleakest song on the EP. I love it. It's heavy, somber and slow. It sounds like it could've come from the self-titled debut. Just sheer bitterness and loathing. The last song, 'Dead Eyes', is mostly a sample heavy tune that feels like a recap of all that was just played. It takes a few minutes to really get into it and is the weakest track. This is just an instrumental after all.

Over all this EP is just a heavy and fun mess. The recording is surprisngly organic despite all the electronic stuff happening. There's an abundance of guitar effects, though I'd wager most would find them tastefully utilized. This is probably the heaviest thing Jesu's ever done. The self-titled and 'Conqueror' are fairly close however. This is pretty essential for any doom metal fan.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Silver
2. Star
3. Wolves
4. Dead Eyes

Duration : Approx. 29 minutes

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Reviewed on 2018-10-09 by Doom_Guy
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