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The debut full-length from Greek band Automaton is weighty, sludgy, coffin-lid-slamming Doom perfection.
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Extremely heavy doom metal in all it's simplicity. While the threepiece clearly have a way of their own, similarities can be drawn to Khanate, Ocean
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Without Dreams : Funeral In The Infinity Of Cosmos

The sophomore full-length from Russian band Without Dreams hits a genuine Thergothon-with-better-production vibe.

Without Dreams is a one man band from Russia with a penchant for making keyboard heavy funeral doom. The band has been putting releases out steadily since 2014. I haven't heard their first release, but if it's anything like this album, I'm sure it's a keeper.

The album starts off with a digitized voice counting down, before going into a riff that you would've heard from one of the first Black Sabbath albums, then diving straight into an atmospheric and space filled void. How very deceitful indeed. The music continues on in this fashion for the rest of the album. The band employs the use of negative space, i.e., long passages with minimalist instrumentation.Flegethon is a similar sounding band, combining vast space with sparse instrumentation. Except Without Dreams is less ambient and more traditional in their song structures. There's always something making noise every few seconds, typically the keyboard sets the pace. Thergothon comes to mind at times too. This album really does have the same vibe as 'Streams from the Heavens' only better produced and with better vocals.

The vistas between the vocals and riffs are interesting, bringing The Ethereal to mind as that band does the same thing. But this is less minimalist than the aforementioned. The guitars are heavy enough when present and faster than you'd expect, yet slow enough to be Funeral Doom. The keyboards are the most dominant instrument. If you took the guitar out this would probably be closer to modern/ambient than metal. The music is basic but enthralling. The guitar work is surprisingly heavy for the amount of keyboards there are, though not down-tuned like many of the band's peers. Despite the quality of songwriting the overall production leaves the music sounding cheap.

The vocals vary and are a mix of growls and whispers. This is oddly calming as they're not the focal point either. They're almost underneath the music at times. The songs are an endless flow with little variation in speed and dynamics. It's easy to get lost in this recording. It's dark and miserable but it's also more than that. I don't hear a lot of sorrow in this music. Yes it's sad and all that, but really it's more exploratory. The journey you're taken on isn't happy by any means, but there is an air of wonder to it. What this lacks in oppression it makes up for in other ways.

Overall, I like this album. It's a departure from the usual strains of blackened Funeral Doom. The music is very well done. Depending on your personal view it could be heavier by way of fewer keyboards, but really this is just a nice symphonic funeral doom album. The Funeral March on the last song is a bit much as countless bands have used this song in their works. It's a great song and truly hammers home the pointlessness of existence, but it wasn't necessary here. Aside from this cliche this album is pretty good.

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Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Breaking The Veil Nebula
2. Into the Trap Of Oblivion
3. Funeral In The Infinity Of Cosmos

Duration : Approx. 76 minutes

Visit the Without Dreams bandpage.

Reviewed on 2018-10-29 by Doom_Guy
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