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Dawn Of Winter : Pray For Doom

Dawn Of Winter's latest opus is a passable but unremarkable Trad Doom outing.

Germany's Dawn Of Winter formed in 1991 which, if memory serves me correctly, was when Messiah Marcolin's first tenure with Candlemass ended. Dawn Of Winter effectively picked up the scent left by the Swedes' first four records, and have followed it studiously for much of their career. 'Pray For Doom', released towards the end of last year is no exception. Following a rather obvious template of self-confessed 'old-fashioned and regressive Doom' the Germans struggle for the most part to lift themselves above anything more than a cursory 'just another European Trad Doom band' tag.

Sticking with the Candlemass thing for the moment, what Dawn Of Winter don't have is the punch or bounce that certain Candlemass songs had. I'm thinking in terms of things like 'Cry From The Crypt', 'Mirror Mirror' or the faster sections on 'At the Gallows End'. They also can't conjure a good narrative or visuals in the mind the way Leif Edling can. Lyrically it's a fairly unremarkable and lacklustre state of affairs. Other than that it's all pretty passable stuff. There's a nice solo on 'The Sweet Taste of Ruin' which simply adds weight to my assertion that this style of Doom absolutely needs solos. The song suddenly leaps into life and heralds a far better second half of the album than the first, so much so that during the title track and its subsequent offering I began to wonder what the hell they'd been playing at such was the shift in quality. But sadly it wasn't to last and as the last brace of tracks play out the mind begins to wander as to what to put on next.

Production is a solid, ballsy affair which does the album justice, but overall unfortunately the songs just don't return the favour. It has its moments but falls some way short in grabbing and subsequently holding the listeners attention for very long. If you're thinking of heading to I Hate's Bandcamp page to check this out then you'd be better served with the latest Count Raven release which packs far more of that aforementioned punch and metallic bite that good Trad Doom requires and which, at least up till now, sadly seems to have eluded Dawn Of Winter.

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Reviewer's rating: 5/10


Tracklist :
1. A Dream Within A Dream
2. The Thirteenth Of November
3. Woodstock Child
4. The Sweet Taste Of Ruin
5. Pray For Doom
6. The Orchestra Bizarre
7. Paralysed By Sleep
8. Father Winter (Sacrifice Pt. 3)

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Dawn Of Winter bandpage.

Reviewed on 2019-04-06 by Matt Halsey
Thermal Mass
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