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Jack Frost : Mélaina Cholé

Austrians Jack Frost ploughed their typical, but still entertaining, Goth/Doom furrow for this 2015 full-length.

Now eight albums into the band's gloomy career, one could argue that not too much has really changed in terms of the sound Jack Frost brings to the table, for better or worse. Outside of minor sound refinements, this venture once again sees the Austrian four-piece bordering on the walls of Gothic Rock and Doom Metal as the contentment with their palette is quite evident considering the gap between this and their last effort, 2008's 'My Own Private Hell'.

You get your lower-range clean vocals placed over the band's mid-tempo gloom rock ensemble, your somber Sentenced-esque guitar solos, your tight and pounding drumwork... all wrapped up in a very pretty, atmospheric production. The mixture of depressing and tongue-in-cheek lyrics are still evident on 'Melaina Chole' and, at this point, I would have expected nothing less (see: 'Loser in Your Eyes' and 'My Baby Works in a Liquor Store'). Gothic Metal/Rock that doesn't take itself too seriously is my favorite attribute to look for within those particular subgenres.

If you had an opinion of Jack Frost prior to this release, one way or another, it probably won't be altered in any fashion here. You won't be getting any 15 minute funeral epics out of these guys anytime soon, that's for sure. It's perfectly acceptable to rock a little bit every once in a while.

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Reviewer's rating: 7/10


Tracklist :
1. Like Icons We Fall
2. No Place In The Sun
3. Half A Man
4. Loser In Your Eyes
5. She Must Come Down
6. Again And Again And Again
7. I Am Nothing
8. My Baby Works In A Liquor Store

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes

Visit the Jack Frost bandpage.

Reviewed on 2019-04-25 by Jon Carr
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