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Crust : The Promised End

Crust take the next step by delivering an excellent full-length debut of crunching Post-Metal.

With so much material already under their belt one would be forgiven for thinking that Russian Post-Core/Sludge outfit Crust might not have too much left to offer in terms of eyebrow raising intrigue on their debut full length, 'The Promised End'. A handful of EP's into their career and as they approach their initial LP they're facing the dilemma most bands have around that difficult second or tricky third album. Stick to a tried and tested formula, or go for broke and do something completely different. Well, perhaps somewhat predictably, they've gone and done both, and the result is by far the best thing they've released. As knuckle-headed as it is progressive and as bleak as it is musical, with 'The Promised End' Crust prove themselves to be rather an enigmatic beast beset with paradox.

Granted, they do open up with a traditional flat-handed Post-Metallic slap to the face in the shape of 'Sad Animal'. This is the sort of nihilistic stomp they're so good at. Nothing new to the ears it's true, but it's nice to hear nonetheless. It's on the second and third tracks where things get a little more interesting. Riffs that sound like something eminating from a cold Norwegian forest fifteen or so years ago take Crust into Rorcal-like territory but with a bit more subtlety. Quite a bit more truth be told. And, talking of subtlety, the midway interlude calling itself 'The Ascension of Souls' quietens things down quite considerably and is a suitable pit-stop before the second half of the album rages steadily on. 'Painful Memories' breaks down into a rousing Hardcore singalong but not before the ghost of Black Sabbath has graced us with some bendy Stoner grooves. Melody too, is not a thing that's lost on Crust and they've also pushed their collective envelope, most notably in the composition and structure of the songs, whilst at the same time retaining all the energy and single-minded passion found on those aforementioned earlier releases.

The glorious, pummeling bass is back on penultimate track 'Don't Live Swallowed By Illusions' and leads a thumping charge before more blackened up-tempo blasts drive us ever onwards. Final offering 'Extreme Fatigue' crystalises everything that came before it. A lengthy exposure of Crust's ability at writing and performing their art. Oscillating between different tempos and hues of heavy as well as generous amounts of atmosphere, this is a band fully comfortable with their art. The production is fuller and slightly more polished than before but I'd stick my neck out to say they've lost none of the edginess found in their earlier music. In fact the changes in tempo and feeling that characterise 'The Promised End' only serves to enhance it. As the final track drones to it's bleak conclusion Crust simply reinforce my love of all things Post-Metal. If you share a similar taste I urge you to grab a copy of 'The Promised End' and investigate Crust's not entirely small and quite ecclectic back catalogue.

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Reviewer's rating: 9/10


Tracklist :
1. Sad Animal
2. Broken Lines Of Destiny
3. Sorrow Wind
4. The Ascension Of Souls
5. Painful Memories
6. Donít Live Swallowed By Illusions
7. Extreme Fatigue

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes

Visit the Crust bandpage.

Reviewed on 2019-05-10 by Matt Halsey
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