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Grave Siesta : Voidward Spin

Big, bold and maybe a bit too fast for Doom purists, Grave Siesta nonetheless present their own personal darkness with a punch.

This is Finlandís Grave Siestaís third full length. The band have been around since 2010 which has seen them musically change from Doom to Sludge. They carry elements of Punk and Death Doom as well. This is a band who pull no punches. Itís fast from the start and very powerful stuff indeed. This is a album that floats between different genres, I feel, and Taito Halonenís vocalís are big and bold.

'Vacant Throne' is exactly this, fast and bold itís right in your face. Vocals scream at you whilst guitars batter you. I like the feel very much on this track especially the guitar melodies that take you on turns and twists. I admit itís a band that I have not heard much of and you never really know where you're going on this song but Iím hooked already.

'Intolerance' gives us that Black Metal vibe with howling screams and harmonious singing. Drums and bass keep it all tight and the sound quality is very good. Iím loving the versatility and tone of Taitoís vocals, especially on this song.

'Weakness' is slower in pace at the start and a welcome rest with clean vocals taking you on a sombre journey. A very classical Doom feel throughout this song. Maybe this wonít suit everyone and Iíll admit I was apprehensive of what lay ahead but Iím actually digging it. I like the fact that they are not afraid to just go for it and lay it on the line. The songs may be too fast for some but I feel they still carry that Doomy feel to them.

'Depopulation Prayer' and 'Warfare & Pestilence' pulsate through your ears. Riffs chopping and changing and although the songs are quite short they pack so much into them that I donít think they need more.

'Bastardized' and 'Post World Peace' bring the album to a close. This, you would think, is another album, listening to how doomy this sounds compared to the fast pace of previous songs. What a head fuck this album is and I still canít grasp what genre you could label it. Itís quite exhausting and I feel I need a break to soak it all in. Mix and mastering give it a nice edgy sound but still very heavy and the guitar and bass tone is perfect for the faster riffs. Overall this has been a welcome experience for me into this band. I will definitely have a listen to their previous two albums to see how they have developed. If you're not afraid to let your mind open its darkest chambers then this is an album worth listening to.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Vacant Throne
2. Intolerance
3. Weakness
4. Seizures In A Castle
5. Depopulation Prayer
6. Warfare & Pestilence
7. Bastardized
8. Post World Peace

Duration : Approx. 41 minutes

Visit the Grave Siesta bandpage.

Reviewed on 2019-08-22 by Riccardo Veronese
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