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Nymphea Aurora : In Misery... Never Comes Silence (Compilation)

A somewhat bizarre choice for a re-release: a Dutch band that never really made it, and have little beyond a mediocre demo back catalogue to offer.

There are a number of things that I don't really understand about this album by Nymphea Aurora. I mean, it's a compilation of demo tracks which never really made it to whatever 'mainstream' Doom actually is. On it they've re-recorded one of the tracks and actually made it two minutes longer (go figure!). It's also worth noting that this band has split-up so why there's a re-release of tracks that frankly weren't all that successful to begin with is absolutely mind-boggling to me. Are the band going to use the popularity of this release as some kind of barometer as to whether to get back together or not?

I'd love to say that the confusion ended there but it really didn't. Musically speaking, it's not challenging to see why this band never really made it in the first place because there's very little they've produced that sounds memorable. Indeed, the drums sound very 'tinny' and the whole production is decidedly low. Seeing as how the band has opted to play a more atmospheric approach, you'd think that they'd have made their guitars and synths sound a lot more clean and precise but that barely happens at all.

Instead, the band chugs its way through just about every track on the album. There are flimsy attempts at switching the tempo or style of tracks but it fails because of the lack of precision in the leading instrument. What tends to happen in its place is that the synths ending up sounding a bit like a Supermario game in the background and the vocals are pretty much isolated, which they're not at all good enough to be.

Now, the 'chugging' approach isn't necessarily a bad thing - if it's done well. For my money, Funeral Doom legends Skepticism absolutely perfected that particular art, and there's just a touch of Skepticism worship on 'Alone With Nature'. The problem is that Nymphea Aurora don't do it particularly well on their predominantly Death/Doom album. Indeed, I can honestly say that Skepticism never bored me with their approach, which I cannot say about this release. The musicianship isn't bad, and the vocals are alright at best, but the production and song structure really let this compilation down. This is supposed to be the remastered version too!

Monotonous. Uninspired. Cheap. They're just some of the words that come to mind when describing this compilation of Nymphea Aurora tracks. There's nothing overly offensive about the tracks, per se - it's just a bit boring and repetitive. Nothing to see here, folks, I'm afraid!

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Reviewer's rating: 5/10


Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. Misery...
3. Polluted Absolution
4. In Solitude
5. Alone With Nature
6. The Touch Of An Angel
7. Never Comes Silence
8. Clouded Eyes
9. The Touch Of An Angel (Re-recorded)
10. Solar Eclipse

Duration : Approx. 64 minutes

Visit the Nymphea Aurora bandpage.

Reviewed on 2019-09-02 by Ian Morrissey
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