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Orodruin : Ruins of Eternity

US Trad Doom band Orodruin return after a sixteen year gap between albums, but it was worth the wait.

Sixteen years between debut and sophomore albums is stretching it a bit. That sort of timeline is usually reserved for bands who barely get out of the blocks before imploding after a year or two and then decide to try again many moons later. Orodruin haven't exactly been entirely dormant for the whole of that period, a number of decent smaller releases notwithstanding, and given the quality of their debut, well, what can I say? It's nice to have them back.

Anyway, 'Ruins Of Eternity' will be no suprise stylistically to those already familiar with the band. Doom of the Traditional variety trailing very happily in the wake of Trouble, St Vitus, The Obsessed et al. And a very American Doom album it is to these ears, the overall mix sounding very Vitus- or Obsessed-like indeed. You can't hold it against them though, you really can't. It's clearly what their aiming for, and the quality of the songs and the delivery are seriously top notch. A little bit of everything that makes this kind of Doom beloved by so many. The album is even slightly epic at times, you could try imagining Tony Martin era Sabbath done by a Stoner band. Whatever it is, there's plenty going on to keep the interest piqued with slower Doom sections and quicker paced Metal. It's all good. Throw in some Hammer-esque chords in the vein of Pentagram along with some good old Sabbath moments and you're about done.

Are there any downsides? Not really. What you're getting is an excellent Trad Doom recording. Occasionally the Traditional side of things gets a bit obvious. The end of 'Letter Of Life's Regret' is effectively the solo from 'Snowblind' reworked as a longer jam. But these are only fleeting moments as opposed to an entire album of riffs wearing flares, beads, and large beards and everyone involved pretending it's 1976. To be homest I was too busy tapping my foot and nodding along to care. One thing I absolutely love about this recording is the guitar tone and delivery. It's as good as anything in it's field.

With 'Ruins Of Eternity' the band really ought to now be mentioned in the same breath as Apostle Of Solitude and The Gates of Slumber, such is their obvious pedigree. File alongside Cruthu and the rest of your more current US Doom favorites.

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Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Forsaken
2. Man Of Peace
3. Grave Illusion
4. Letter Of Life's Regret
5. War On The World
6. Into The Light Of The Sun
7. Voice In The Dark
8. Hell Frozen Over
9. Ruins Of Eternity

Duration : Approx. 47 minutes

Visit the Orodruin bandpage.

Reviewed on 2020-02-24 by Matt Halsey
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