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Sinister Downfall : Eremozoic

Sinister Downfall deliver Funeral Doom in it's natural state - slow, depressing and emotionally crushing.

Sinister Downfall is another one man Funeral Doom Metal band from Germany. If you look through founder member Eugen Kohl’s portfolio you will see that he is quite prolific in his releases from various bands. Death Carrier and Donarhall to name a few. He also has mixed and mastered this album and has done a very good job at creating this dark and captivating bit of music. 'Eremozoic' gives us a taste of Funeral Doom in its most natural state. Depressingly slow with despair held within each second of musical sadness. Four songs that cover only just over 40 minutes but still leave you drained. Armenian Doom label Funere are jointly releasing this with the well established Japanese label Weird Truth Productions.

'Dark Veil' is a sombre start to the album. Single piano notes solemnly fill your ears whilst the building of softer pads add a gloomy ambience. You know the darkness coming will engulf you as it so often does in this genre. It’s a crushing introduction into the world of Sinister Downfall. It has all the elements to be a really solid album from the first few minutes you're sinking deeper and deeper. The chords are big and bold and it’s a constant build to a horrible ending. Some clever little clean guitars add some nice tones to the tracks. The vocals are deep and carry the anguish and despair across beautifully.

'Way to Nothingness' again has some nice breaks and clean passages. The single notes of piano are heavily used throughout the songs. I would have liked to have seen more chord progressions rather then single notes but this is a small criticism. They still add a sorrowful texture to the music. The bass cuts through nicely and just thickens the overall depth of the guitar and drums. There are few big tempo changes but some parts do speed up a bit which is a nice change. Sometimes we cry out for something different within this genre but the core of it remains one of despair and total claustrophobia within the music and it definitely delivers on this level.

'Where Solitude Prevails' is a big ending to proceedings. It’s a really nice way to close off the album. I definitely felt more emotion in this song and it had a great feeling of emptiness to it. This has been a really good introduction into this band and am certainly looking forward to hearing their next album which will be out sometime this year I believe.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Dark Veil
2. Way to Nothingness
3. Ashes of Time
4. Where Solitude Prevails

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes

Visit the Sinister Downfall bandpage.

Reviewed on 2020-04-18 by Riccardo Veronese
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