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Fvneral Fvkk : Carnal Confessions

The debut full-length from German Epic Doomsters Fvneral Fvkk is a magnificently emotive piece of work.

This is German Epic Doom Metal band Fvneral Fvkk's debut full-length album, entitled 'Carnal Confessions'. They were formed in 2015 and it features members of bands such as Ophis, FĂ€ulnis and Voidhaven. After hearing their EP 'Lecherous Liturgies' i was intrigued to see what would become of them and see if they kept with the same lyrical content. Well their latest offering does not disappoint one bit. Every now and again you just hear a album that fills you with great emotions and one that you just connect with despite the lyrical theme being so strong. 'Carnal Confessions' does not try to be anything other then extremely well crafted Doom Metal and we have been screaming out for something special for a while.

After a short dark instrumental named 'Omnia Ad Dei Gloriam' (all things for the glory of God) 'Carnal Confessions' bursts into life with 'Chapel of Abuse'. This is a big opening track with meaty riffs and beautifully constructed dark melodies. I completely took to Cantor Cineadicus' singing as soon as I heard it. The feel reminded me of when I listened to Isole's 'Bliss Of Solitude' for the first time. He carries some wonderful vocal lines and harmonies, and just really elevates everything to another level. I can't fault him at all on this album and the first song really sets the bench mark for the rest of this glorious album. The mix and production are extremely good. It has that heavy sunken feel you get but still does not rob you of any of the instruments. When you think about the subject matter of the album and that it's about sex abuse in the Catholic Church this is powerful listening.

'A Shadow In The Dormitory' is totally epic from the start with it's majestically crafted passages. The leads again at the start are haunting and the vocals are fantastically mesmerising. The actual riffs are just perfectly well executed. Music sometimes does not need loads of technical riffs. If you can get the raw emotion and the feel of the song across then you're on to a winner. The break in this song with the lead work is mournfully sad while the drum work is cleverly keeping things going. This can be said for 'Alone With The Cross' which displays higher vocal ranges but feels really warm and moving. A stomper of a track that ebbs and flows without letting go of its grip on you. I thoroughly enjoyed this and being serenaded at the end with total sadness was simply a perfect way to look out at the great rainy skies beyond. I could easily have ended it right there.

'The Hallowed Leech' and 'Poor Sisters Of Nazareth' are up next. GriftegÄrd's album 'Solemn.Sacred.Severe' blew me away when I first heard it and this has that same biblical feel to it. You can actually imagine this being recorded in a dimly lit church somewhere where horrible things have happened. The pulsating riffs continue with wonderful balance and some nice vocal harmonies in the chorus open up the song. This one has some nice meaty sections and solos that make it a much heavier song overall from the rest. 'Poor Sisters Of Nazareth' is just what you need after the bombardment of Doom and just brings a slower paced ballad that you can just sit back and contemplate to. Mesmerising and hypnotic, it speaks to you, and we are treated here to a vocal masterpiece.

'To Those In The Grave' and 'When God Is Not Watching' close out this magnificent album. I could describe these songs all day long. I have loved every moment of this album from the vocal ranges to the sorrowful guitars to just the way the emotion exudes from their very pores. The production I can not fault. Even the artwork and inside booklet is intriguing. This band can go from strength to strength in the next few years if they keep hold of what they have. I am definitely converting to whatever religion they spill out in the future. One of my favourite albums this year.

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Reviewer's rating: 10/10


Tracklist :
1. Omnia Ad Dei Gloriam
2. Chapel Of Abuse
3. A Shadow In The Dormitory
4. Alone With The Cross
5. The Hollowed Leech
6. Poor Sisters Of Nazareth
7. To Those In The Grave
8. When God Is Not Watching

Duration : Approx. 48 minutes

Visit the Fvneral Fvkk bandpage.

Reviewed on 2020-05-24 by Riccardo Veronese
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