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Krypts : Cadaver Circulation

Finland's Krypts do an excellent job of saluting classic '90s Death/Doom with their powerful latest release.

Finnish band Krypts have made waves over the years for producing good music that drifts between Death Metal and Doom Metal, even playing a Death/Doom hybrid on 'Remnants Of Expansion'. Their most recent release, 'Cadaver Circulation', follows that trend as a purely Death/Doom release. Not one of the more emotional ones, either - pure early '90s filth is all you’ll find here!

My first impression of this album was how powerful it was, naturally steered by a booming bass. The effect this had on the music reminded me of Cathedral and Men In Search Of The Perfect Weapon at different intervals. Krypts don’t leave the listener much time to dwell on things though, as a soaring solo and tempo change is never far away! It’s the slower passages that make this album as impressive as it is though, clearly demonstrating Krypts' flexibility and command of atmosphere.

Indeed, Krypts have done an excellent job of making the atmosphere as dark and haunting as a Death/Doom release can be. I have to admit that sometimes the vocals - especially when reverberating - don’t quite do the music justice though. I think the band could benefit from a much more sinister set of vocals, at least when fused with this kind of dark, brooding madness. Don’t get me wrong; the current vocals aren’t horrendous. It’s just that listening to music like this makes me see the potential of what this band could do, and for that they’d need darker vocals. I think their current vocalist would have done well in 90’s Black Metal band Mayhem, actually, especially with the track 'Circling The Between' in mind!

I love the guitar riffs on 'Cadaver Circulation'. Sometimes I find that the riffs don’t suit the atmosphere very well, especially on Death/Doom releases, but that’s not the case at all here. The rather dramatic ending to track 'The Reek Of Loss' is a fine example of the guitarwork in general suiting the atmosphere perfectly on this album. I can’t name a single track where I thought that the guitarwork was poor or detrimental to the atmosphere, which is quite the rarity in my little world.

Clocking in at around 38 minutes, this album is a little shorter than I’d have liked. Krypts clearly have boatloads of quality when it comes to making excellent Death/Doom so I wish they’d have put a few more tracks on 'Cadaver Circulation' because listening to it has been a pleasure. Personally, I think that Krypts do a better job in the slower aspects of their music than the faster but as far as I’m concerned, they do both very well indeed.

If any of you have ever played the horror survival game Outlast, then know that 'Cadaver Circulation' would make the perfect soundtrack for it because of how dark and foreboding it is. Whether it’s the more aggressive, wild side of their music, or whether it’s the more brooding, dark side of their music, Krypts have unleashed one hell of a powerful release here. Again, I think they could have done a bit better vocally and with adding a few more tracks but to say anything other than that I really enjoyed listening to this excellent Death/Doom release would be very misleading!

Summarised; 'Cadaver Circulation' is a marvellous salute to the darker Death/Doom acts of the early '90s.

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Reviewer's rating: 8.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Sinking Transient Waters
2. The Reek Of Loss
3. Echoes Emanate Forms
4. Mycelium
5. Vanishing
6. Circling The Between

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes

Visit the Krypts bandpage.

Reviewed on 2020-07-27 by Ian Morrissey
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