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Into Coffin : Unconquered Abysses

The latest release from German blackened Death/Doom outfit Into Coffins is a massive, suffocatingly drawn-out exercise in despair and horror.

Some bands take slow agonising emotional turmoil and express it through music. Into Coffin are no exception. This German outfit showcase a suffocating world of pure misery vacuumed within four tracks at over 75 minutes. It’s been around four years since 'Into a Pyramid of Doom' and this album sounds massive compared to it. Vocals are sparse and leave you wanting more but this is horror at its best. No happy hooks or repetitive verses, they have great ability in just pulverising you with a sheer massive sound.

The songs are extremely long drawn out affairs with little to be happy about. The first two songs 'Antediluvian Flames' and 'Catacombal Echoes From AB.ZU.' are short compared with the monstrosity that befalls us in the second part of the album. There is everything you would expect in this style of music with big heavy riffs and faster passages that are claustrophobic. The sound is crushing and the bass pulsates a steady rhythm under the guitars that amplifies the darkness.

I think with music like this you really have to soak it all in as there are so many layers to dissect. It feels like one whole piece of music decomposing and giving birth to something new. The vocals are very deeply blended into the mix, especially the growl-like chants. Gina delivers a horrowing performance on vocals and bass. The drums, played by Julian Dietrich, are also well thought out giving much-needed variety throughout the arrangements. The quiet parts are scary and uncomfortable but make this sound like a passage from some ghastly film.

The last two songs are mammoth slabs of misery. The first half slowly warms you up getting you ready for the impending blackness that lies ahead. 'Unconquered Light Of Nothingness' and 'Archetype For The Total Ruin' develop a deep understanding of the misery that lingers in this world. Sascha Nienhaus’s guitar work is excellent and the melodies, while not overdoing anything, keep you transfixed to the story. If you had to sum up this band's style of music I would label it as despair. That feeling you get when all is lost and you can’t just put your finger on why. This is a band that can push themselves even further into the unknown.

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Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Antediluvian Flames
2. Catacombal Echoes From AB.ZU.
3. Unconquered Light Of Nothingness
4. Archetype For The Total Ruin

Duration : Approx. 75 minutes

Visit the Into Coffin bandpage.

Reviewed on 2020-07-27 by Riccardo Veronese
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